New Jewelry for the End of Summer!

New Jewelry for the End of Summer!

We're keeping the surprises coming and releasing a line a week for the last three weeks of September! You've already seen the incredible Twilight Pebble Greenstone Pendants and delicate Mini Superior Gales Series, and all of our new pieces are just as amazing.

Frosted Pebble Trail Series - September 14, 2018

Now out! Our Frosted Pebble Trail pendants and earrings are the first in the pebble collections to be made entirely out of sterling silver. They're sleek, simple, and will remind you of the first dusting of frost on the sidewalk. Our smallest Pebble Pendant yet is also in this collection! They're an exciting piece for those of you who are dying to break out your skis and snowshoes this winter. 

Frosted Pebble pendants and earrings handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry


Dewdrop Agate Rings - September 21, 2018

Now Available! So many of you loved the first release of Dewdrop Forest Agate Rings that we decided to release three more one of a kind rings! Each is set with Lake Superior Agate and diamonds, and is a twig design. They can't be resized, so if you're lucky enough to find one that fits your finger, snap it up while you can!

Dewdrop Forest Lake Superior Agate Rings handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

Long Pebble Series - September 28

We've got another simple Pebble Series coming out for you at the end of September. These pieces have a spare, clean design that will work best for those of you that love a minimalist look in your jewelry. While our Frosted Pebble Wonderlands are round, these pieces are all rectangular for a modern look. 

creating new pebble pendants in the Beth Millner Jewelry Studio