New Pieces Coming in August!

New Pieces Coming in August!

Beth and Nina are at it again - turning out new pieces for the last months of summer! We are so excited to share these new lines with you - Beth has been experimenting with new textures and design elements that we think you're going to love. 

August 2nd

This launch has a little bit of everything! Pebbles, copper pieces, silver pieces, and some new design elements. Plus, it features Beth's Marquette Lake Superior Agates.

We love the geometric landscapes in the copper pieces, and the texture of the pebble ones.

August 9th

This launch is a dreamy mix of recycled sterling silver and Copper Agates. It features some subtle new design elements, including a new leaf shape on the trees and falling stars.

Beth makes all of her own stamps from roofing nails. Once they're carved into the right shape she can hammer them onto the pendants! The stars, birds, and leaves these pendants are created this way.

August 16th

This launch will feature a new twist on Beth's classic pebble design. These Wonderlands will be mixed metal pieces made with recycled sterling silver and copper. They'll also feature Michigan Greenstone - a good thing because our Greenstone pieces have been flying off the shelves this summer!

Here you can see some of the larger pebbles that Beth will be integrating into the design for these pendants.

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