Shoreline Series

Shoreline Series

Lake Superior has graced us with quite a few storms these past few months. Even with all the damage they caused, we were inspired by their beauty and power. It was the ferocity of those same waters that formed the most intricate and rare stones that we use in our upcoming addition to the Shoreline Series.

Prompted by the record-breaking waves we experienced this autumn, this installation features a secret wave sequence on the back of each new design. So while you're showing off the beautiful stones to those around you, you can keep your love for the water close to your heart.


Beth Millner Jewelry Shoreline Series Tempest Treasures

Need more waves in your life? We incorporated a mixed metal wave silhouette to the front-facing side of two of our pendants. We hope you love them as much we do.

Beth Millner Jewelry Greenstone Pendants 

Setting bezels in Michigan Greenstone pendants at Beth Millner Jewelry

Copper bezels and Lake Superior Agates at Beth Millner Jewelry

Lake Superior Agates on Wave Sketch at Beth Millner Jewelry