Silver Skis & White Snow by Ambassador Nora Jungwirth

Silver Skis & White Snow by Ambassador Nora Jungwirth

In the winter months, I love waking up early in the morning, looking out over a fresh blanket of white snow, making some coffee, and heading out on my skis to shoot a loop through my property. My trail starts from my back door and heads up an old, overgrown, small two-track path. It is mostly quiet. The snow muffles the sounds of cars and the occasional ore train whistle. It is the time of day where I get to be by myself. I crave this time to clear my head and only hear the sound of snow and ice gliding under my skis.   

Halfway through my loop, I find myself skirting train tracks. It is normally very windy at this point and if it's snowing I can hardly see where I’m going. I have to be careful because sometimes the plow train comes out of nowhere and will blow me over! I then cut back into the cover of the woods where on most days I see an owl snug up in a tree looking down watching me ski by.  

an owl perched along Nora's morning ski route

At one time my property was a potato farm, so when they first worked the ground the farmers stacked all the fieldstone into a wall that I now clamber over as I ski home. Its a fun feature to my loop, if there's enough snow it serves as a little jump I can pop myself off of. Then, I'm back at my door ready to greet my toddler and husband for breakfast. 

Nora wearing the Frosted Pebble Trail pendant and earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry

When Beth created the Frosted Pebble Trail Jewelry, I knew I needed one, and I am so thankful that I got the Mini Frosted Pebble Trail pendant in my brand ambassador package. The series reminds me of being out on those cold winter mornings, skiing around thinking the world has turned black and white. The sky almost silver, the ground white and the trees almost look black, even the evergreens look dark. I love how I can envision myself skiing along the tiny silver trail that is on the pendant. I am also really happy about the beautiful engraving on the back side of the pendant making it reversible.  Today I had to buy a Small Owl Charm to wear alongside this piece to really capture the winter day moment.   

Frosted Pebble Series handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry