Staff Favorites: Maddie's Picks!

Staff Favorites: Maddie's Picks!

If you've made your way into the shop, you've probably crossed paths with our in-house, bright ray of sunshine, Maddie! She's one of our customer service people and always welcomes people with a smile.

According to Maddie, her favorite part of working at BMJ is being surrounded by cool, creative people! Some of her favorite hobbies are caring for plants - sowing seeds, watering, picking bouquets, and gardening to her heart's delight! Maddie is also quite the artistic type. Currently, she's into printing greeting cards with the Cyanotype process

Here are her staff picks for this season!

Copper Perched Chickadee Earrings

Staff Favorites: Maddie

"I’ve gravitated towards the Copper Perched Chickadee Earrings from the first day I started working at BMJ! They are a bit of a statement - I love the big textured copper hoops and the little silver chickadee is such a sweet addition! Although, I’d switch the backing to the French Hook because I prefer that fit over the Round Hook."

Diamond Twig Ring with Curved Twig Ring

Staff Favorites: MaddieStaff Favorites: Maddie

"I wanted to choose a ring for my second favorite piece…but that proved to be difficult because I love so many of our ring designs. I finally narrowed it down to the simple yet elegant Diamond Twig ring stacked with the Curved Twig Ring. These rings are timeless and classy but still celebrate the natural world with their twig texture. I could wear this pairing every day! P.S. If I was rich, I’d have them in Palladium White Gold!"