Staff Picks for Winter

Staff Picks for Winter
In Michigan's Upper Peninsula, winter can seem endless. We have some jewelry picks that will make you feel warm & fuzzy. Cozy up with our staff's favorite styles for the season!


Beth Millner wearing amethyst earrings and an amethyst locket pendant

 Evening Lovebirds Amethyst Locket Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

Amethyst Droplet earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry

Beth's Picks

Evening Lovebirds Amethyst Locket Pendant & Amethyst Droplet Earrings

"My favorite pieces are the amethyst locket and the matching earrings. I really challenged my technical skills in making these small containers. I imagine putting a piece of cloth inside with lavender oil and using it as vessel to hold a calming scent. Better yet, February is my birth month! So, I made all of these pieces thinking about what it means to be a February baby!"


 Northern Lights Labradorite pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

Milky Way Galaxy earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry

Nina wearing Beth Millner Jewelry's Milky Way Galaxy Earrings and Northern Lights Labradorite pendant

Nina's Picks

Reversible Northern Lights Labradorite Pendant & Milky Way Galaxy Earrings

"Two pieces that I love for winter are any one of our Northern Lights Labradorite pendants paired with the Milky Way Galaxy earrings. Wearing these together reminds me of staying up late and being outside on a crisp night, waiting for the Northern Lights to illuminate the sky while watching the stars twinkle above. I'd like to wear these on a weekend date with my partner, going ice skating with hot chocolate and maybe a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant to warm up afterwards."


Beth Millner Jewelry pebble beach ring and starry winter sky dendritic opal wonderland pendant next to a coffee mug
Beth Millner Jewelry Starry Winter Sky Dendritic Opal Wonderland Pendant
Beth Millner Jewelry Pebble Beach Ring

Lex's Picks 

Starry Winter Sky Dendritic Opal Wonderland Pendant & Pebble Beach Ring

"Our dendritic opal pendants remind me of cold, frosty weather, so they’re great to wear in winter. My favorite one is the Starry Winter Sky wonderland because I love a clear night sky. I also like the Pebble Beach ring because it reminds me of thick, clumpy snow that piles up on tree branches in the winter.


Beth Millner Jewelry Celestial Bear Pendant
Beth Millner Jewelry North Star Earrings
Jane wearing Beth Millner Jewelry's Celestial Bear Pendant and North Star Earrings

Jane's Picks

Celestial Bear Pendant & North Star Earrings

"My favorite winter pieces are the Reversible Northern Lights Pendants because they are a really creative way to capture the beauty of finding the lights on a cold winter night. Another favorite is the Celestial Bear Pendant - I just love the detail of the dipper in the night sky, and think that the bear is so expressive and cute. The North Star Earrings are perfect to pair with both of these designs if you're looking for a complete set!"


 Alexa wearing Beth Millner Jewelry's copper agate pendant and tree at dawn earrings

Beth Millner Jewelry Copper Agate Drop Pendant

Beth Millner Jewelry Tree at Dawn Earrings

Alexa's Picks

Copper Set Lake Superior Copper Agate Drop Pendant & Tree at Dawn Earrings

"This winter, I’ve really been loving our Copper-Set LS Copper Agate Drop Pendants. These stones have a warm shimmer that goes well with cozy sweaters and reminds me of winter sunsets. I’d pair this pendant with our Tree at Dawn Earrings. They have the same copper and silver combination with a lone winter tree sawn out of the center."



Beth Millner Jewelry Conifer Couple Lentil Charm
Beth Millner Jewelry Eben Ice Caves Earrings


Randi wearing Beth Millner Jewelry's conifer couple lentil charm and eben ice caves earrings

Randi's Picks

Conifer Couple Lentil Charm & Eben Ice Caves Earrings

"My favorite pieces for winter are the Conifer Couple Lentil Charm and the Eben Ice Caves Earrings. I love the small and delicate look of the charm, but the conifer trees really remind me of winter. And obviously, the Eben Ice Caves design is perfect for the season. The hanging icicles are my favorite detail and I love pairing statement earrings with a big, cozy sweater."