Stunning Stones: one-of-a-kind pieces are just around the corner

Stunning Stones: one-of-a-kind pieces are just around the corner

Okay, we admit it. We are ADDICTED to making Wonderland Pendants! The studio has a whole new set that will be released in the next few weeks! Lake Superior agates and Michigan greenstones absolutely shine within Beth's one-of-a-kind designs. Made with recycled sterling silver and local Upper Peninsula copper, these pieces have a low environmental impact and promote the use of ethical production processes.


Ethically made copper banded agate and Michigan Greenstone Wonderland Pendants by Beth Millner Jewelry


A few of the stones are copper banded agates from Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. If you aren't already in love with with natural beauty of agate stones, you'll be head-over-heels for these copper-streaked specimens.


Wonderland Pendant with copper banded agate and copper conifer trees on recycled sterling silver by Beth Millner Jewelry


Two designs will feature conifer trees made with local copper sitting atop a copper banded agate stone. The last pendant with this design trait sold as soon as it hit the shelves!


Long rectangular Lake Superior agate Wonderland Pendants with trees and stars by Beth Millner Jewelry


Trees, stars, and Michigan Greenstone on recycled sterling silver Wonderland pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


Speaking of agates, we'll also be introducing a brand new ring design: the Entwined Agate Ring! On top of a single twig band sits a Lake Superior agate, behind which grows six silver leaves. Utterly enchanting.


Lake superior agate outside of the bezel of Entwined Twig Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry


Lake superior agate set in Entwined Twig Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry


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