New Lines Coming in June!

New Lines Coming in June!

New Greenstone and Agate Designs!

We've got new Wonderlands coming just in time for summer! This launch features Michigan Greenstone and Lake Superior Agate set in a variety of pendants. The line officially launched on June 14, 2019.

The line includes an array of beautiful designs. There are some pebble pendants that are unique to any of the ones we've had before, Michigan Greenstone pendants with truly incredible stones, and some classic Beth Millner Jewelry Wonderlands. The line will feature ovals and squares, trees, stars, and landscape scenes.



New Dreamland Series!

This line features some truly unique designs and launched on June 28! We're calling them Dreamlands because the designs are all about nocturnal creatures, starry scenes, and ethereal agates that were found by Beth herself, and processed by Beth and Nina in the studio! In addition to Wonderland designs, the series also includes silver pendants, rings, and earrings. 



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