These are a Few of my Favorite Things by Erika Vossbeck

These are a Few of my Favorite Things by Erika Vossbeck

No, I didn’t link a video of me dressed as Julie Andrews belting out the Sound of Music soundtrack…but I am going to tell you just a few reasons why Beth Millner Jewelry is so special to me.

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Erika wearing Little Long Pebble Landscape Earrings

Femininity Meets Practicality

I’ve always had a difficult relationship with jewelry. I think many women agree that jewels and gems and shiny, pretty things often times catch our eye, but unfortunately, so much of my jewelry sits in a jewelry box, collecting dust, just waiting to be worn. Years ago I stopped buying jewelry altogether because I knew I would get one, maybe two wears out of a piece and it would ultimately have the same fate as the rest of them, stacking up in the old jewelry box. Don’t get me wrong, I love jewelry, the problem is that most jewelry isn’t practical for my everyday life. Between pulling on and off helmets and hardhats, working outdoors for a living, and all the recreational activities I love to participate in, most jewelry just doesn’t function well and I’m oftentimes better off without. Fortunately, I found Beth Millner’s shop and fell in love with her amazingly detailed yet simplistic and practical jewelry for my on-the-go lifestyle. I love that I can still be feminine and feel pretty wearing my beautiful jewelry without sacrificing or compromising things in my everyday life to do so. Her jewelry isn’t “flashy” per-se, it’s dainty and delicate, and while some pieces are quite extravagant, I don’t need a special occasion to pull these pieces out of my jewelry box, they’re a great compliment to my everyday.

Mixed Metal Summer Tree Pendant handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

Environmentally Ethical Business

Although jewelry is beautiful and holds much sentiment, the harmful side of the industry often times goes unnoticed. Sourcing precious metals, gems and jewels can severely impact the environment including, habitat degradation, water pollution and overconsumption, and increased reliance on fossil fuels. Not to mention, the social problems that can arise as conflict fuels in many war-torn areas. Fortunately, that’s not the case at Beth Millner Jewelry, and one of their main focuses is on creating eco-friendly pieces. Many pieces are comprised of recycled elements, including metals and diamonds, and everything is locally sourced from reputable vendors. As an Environmental Consultant, I have a strong commitment to being a steward of the environment, both at work and at home, and knowing where my jewelry originates from and that the process is helping to support local communities and maintain long-standing jobs and industry gives me peace of mind and makes me proud to wear my BMJ pieces. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, the storefront and studio in Marquette is partially run on solar energy!



Natural Beauty

I think we all can agree that Beth Millner Jewelry is so much more than a stone placed in a metal setting. Every piece evokes emotion and can bring about memories and sentiments. Each piece tells a story, yet every owner has their own rendition of that story. Although most of the pieces are inspired by specific places, landscapes, and the flora and fauna in the Upper Peninsula, they can also mean so much to someone who may not be familiar with those places. I can say that because as a Seattle native, I don’t always know the rivers, shorelines, and mountains that are depicted in Beth’s pieces, yet they resemble places that have meaning and value to me. I was fortunate enough to receive the Picnic Rocks Pendant as a part of my Brand Ambassador package and although the Picnic Rocks are a well-known landmark in Marquette, to me the pendant is reminiscent of the San Juan Islands here in the Pacific Northwest, a place I have fond memories of from my childhood into adulthood, and this pendant serves as an ongoing reminder of those special times.