Treat Yourself To New Beginnings

Treat Yourself To New Beginnings

As the holiday season winds down, and you find yourself turning the page into the blank canvas of next year, it’s important to remember to take care of (and treat) yourself.  Family gatherings throughout the season are a wonderful time to be together and celebrate all the love surrounding you, but as many of us experience, they can be draining as well.

When we focus so much on giving it is important not to leave ourselves off the list of recipients. I like to think we all have a big cup of love, and we go around giving little sips and sloshes to those around us. But if we don’t take the time to fill up our own cup there will be nothing to give! We find ourselves stressed out and unwell. 

Laying down a foundation of self-care can be incredibly helpful. Making sure all our physical needs are met and remembering to be kind to ourselves should be at the top our priority lists!

The phrase "Treat yo self" was popularized by the show Parks and Recreation, and we think it sums up the occasional need to pamper yourself. We're here to give you full permission - yes, it is absolutely okay to treat yourself!We could all come up with a scroll of things we would like to incorporate into our new year. And one way to keep those goals and visions in mind is to wear something that serves as a continuous reminder that we're working on living our best lives.

It’s the same concept tying a string around your finger so you won't forget an important appointment. But instead of a string, it can be something beautiful that will remind you every day of your commitment to yourself.                 

One symbol Beth frequently uses that embodies new life is the sun.

Symbolic Pieces to Represent the New You 

New Beginnings Pendant made with recycled sterling silver and brass by Beth Millner Jewelry.

Beth's "New Beginnings" Pendant (above) and earrings (below) are a sure fit if you're looking for a piece to remind you of the bright horizons ahead. 

New Beginnings Earrings made with recycled sterling silver and brass by Beth Millner Jewelry.

Embrace your journey with the New Beginnings on the Shoreline Pendant. A rising sun floats above the shoreline, helping you remember that with each new day, endless possibilities await you. There are earrings and a small version of the pendant as well  

New Beginnings on the Shoreline sterling silver pendant


Rings such as the Sunrise Mountain Pines can also serve as a beautiful reminder to treat yourself right.

Sunrise and Moon Mountain Pines Rings by Beth Millner Jewelry.


Our team wishes you the happiest of New Years & give you full permission to treat yo self. Take care and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more beautiful jewelry and artistic inspiration!