You're Going to FALL in Love With These New Designs

You're Going to FALL in Love With These New Designs

As we settle into the cooler weather, the creative juices are flowing as freely as the coffee here at the shop on Washington Street. Fall always feels like a time for creating, setting intentions for the season ahead and reflecting on a summer well spent. You will see these themes reflected in the new pieces coming out in the next couple of weeks. 

New Drop Pendants and Double Banded Stone Rings- Now Available 

Beth Millner Drop Pendant

A cornucopia of locally sourced stones will be available in a recycled sterling silver bezel setting and presented as either a pendant or double banded statement ring. One of a kind Lake Superior Agates, Copper Agates, and Thomsonite make these pieces as unique as the individual wearing them.  

New Mini Silver Wonderland Pendants- Available now! 

Beth Millner Mini Silver Wonderland Pendant


These little beauties pay off big on their visual impact. From birds to stars, to diamonds in the sky, there is something for everyone. If you fall in love with a certain stone, make sure to grab it while you can, these one-of-a-kind pendants are limited in production. 

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