Cleaning & Care

Caring for your jewelry

As with all jewelry, please take precautions to ensure the longevity of your pieces. Avoid submerging your jewelry in water or chemicals; even some tap water may have minerals that wear away the solder that holds the metal together. Dip cleaners are not recommended for any of our jewelry, as it will remove the intentional patinated details we add to most copper and silver pieces. Remove your jewelry before sleeping, swimming, sports or manual labor.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure the longevity of your jewelry.

Sterling Silver, Copper, and Mixed Metal Jewelry

We use high-quality recycled metals that are not coated or plated with other materials. This allows the metals to naturally darken over time when exposed to moisture, whether it comes from the air or sweat and oils on your skin. If you prefer a shinier finish on your jewelry, you can use a polishing pad or cloth to remove the patina (darkened areas) by rubbing the pad in a circular motion with light pressure on the metal.

Darkened Metal

Much of our jewelry has been intentionally darkened with a natural patina to emphasize the hand-tooled details. If your piece of jewelry has a darkened patina, do not use dip cleaner. Wash with soap and water and lightly polish the high points with a polishing pad or extra fine steel wool.

If you accidentally remove the intentional patina, please contact us and we can re-patina your piece for a small fee.

24K Gold Keum Boo or 22K Gold Applied on Silver

Please have these pieces cleaned by our shop only.

Items with Stone Settings

Diamonds are very durable and will not be damaged by our polishing cloths or pads.

Avoid all other stones when polishing/cleaning your jewelry. Our Lake Superior stones are softer than some surfaces like concrete and maybe damaged if they are dropped or scraped against it. If you need to clean a stone or stone setting, use a toothbrush to lightly scrub away dirt.

Jewelry Cleaning & Care Products

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Caring for your Artisan Goods

Leather Goods

When it comes to caring for leather, less is more. While there is a flexible acrylic finish applied to every product, leather will soften and crease over time. This is desirable, and does not have an affect on durability. Avoid exposure to water and abrasive surfaces. If your leather begins to appear dry, wipe it with a soft cloth and leather conditioner to restore.

Steel Belt Buckles

When caring for your steel belt buckle, simply wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove any dust. If the buckle begins to appear dull, polish with paste wax. Avoid contact with water. If rusting occurs, remove with steel wool, and apply a fresh coat of wax.

Paper Goods

We ask you to give a second life to any paper goods and recycle them when they've reached the end of their life.