Behind the Design: Two Hearted River

Behind the Design: Two Hearted River

This river is near and dear to most Yooper's hearts. Located near Tahquamenon Falls, this river splits into two branches, hence the name "Two Hearted".
river Michigan Beth Millner Jewelry

Drawing inspiration from it's name as well as unique sandy banks, the Two Hearted River locket was born.

Beth Millner Jewelry Two Hearted River Locket handcrafted mixed metal pendant with trees and nature

Beth designed this photo locket just in time for Valentine's Day, featuring a hemlock tree couple. Tree couples are representative of strong partnerships with deep roots, standing tall on the sandy banks of a river.

Beth Millner Jewelry Two Hearted River handcrafted mixed metal pendant with trees and nature

After the locket was released, Beth simplified the design and now offers the Two Hearted River as a pendant as well. 

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The Two Hearted River gained notoriety beyond the local fisherman after being featured in Ernest Hemingway's novel: "Big Two Hearted River". The short story follows a fly-fisherman named Nick who reflects on his life while fishing and camping along the banks of an Upper Peninsula trout stream.

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"He watched them holding themselves with their noses in the current, many trout in deep, fast moving water, slightly distorted as he watched far down through the glassy convex surface of the pool, its surface pushing and swelling smooth against the resistance of the log-driven piles of the bridge." - Hemingway in Big Two Hearted River 

Another Michigan crafter was inspired by the Two Hearted River: Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI. They've created the delicious Two Hearted Ale, a classic IPA "well suited for adventures everywhere".

River Beth Millner Jewelry

It is still known as a great trout stream and many people visit the Two Hearted's banks to camp, kayak, and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty. Truly one of the U.P.'s hidden gems, be sure to make a voyage to this beautiful area at least once in your life.