Copper Banded Agates and Custom Rings

Copper Banded Agates and Custom Rings

Only formed in the land locked copper veins which run throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula, copper banded agates are a very rare variety of Lake Superior agate. In the All About Agates blog post, we learned how agates form and varieties of inclusions (additional minerals trapped in the gemstone).

Copper Agate Wonderland Pendants handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

The copper bands seen in these agates are considered inclusions within the agate. Often known as "copper replacement agates" the copper replaces the bands of other oxides within the gemstone.

Here in the shop, we love to include these rare gemstones in our pendants and rings.

Copper Agate Autumn Twig Ring handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

Generally copper banded agates are light pink or greenish and are quite small. Often, they look like any other agate until they are cut in half to reveal the copper bands within. They are quite rare and little is known about the formation process of these unique little gemstones. While the research is being conducted however, we'll continue to appreciate them for their beauty and 2 in 1 pieces of our local region (native U.P. copper and a bit of Superior).

Credit: Allison Mills - Copper Harbor Conglomerate in the Keweenaw Peninsula
Credit: Allison Mills


Love the look of the copper banded agates? Browse through our stock of them to pick your favorite and create your very own, unique, double banded ring! Want even more options than those listed in our choose your own ring page? Swing by the store and chat with us about a custom design featuring one of our other gemstones!