Meet our Jewelry Ambassador Kristen!

Meet our Jewelry Ambassador Kristen!

Nice to meet you! My name is Kris Goymerac, and I’m a UP resident, world traveler, and a self-proclaimed Yooper Ambassador. I don’t have many chances to spread my love of the UP, “the 906,” to other countries these days, so I feel very grateful that I’m able this summer to instead spread my love of Beth Millner Jewelry while exploring all of the secret little niches of the Hiawatha National Forest, and other UP places I haven’t gotten around to discovering yet.

Kristen Kristen - Beth Millner Ambassador

I have been a fan of BMJ since before she had a storefront in Marquette, and my first and favorite piece is the one my girlfriends gifted me recently for my 50th birthday.

Pebble Landscape Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

I had been talking about buying a pendant forever, but I kept getting stuck in “analysis paralysis” because I just couldn’t narrow down my favorite to one single piece. Now every time I wear it, whether I’m traveling to the grocery store or across the ocean, I can always carry a little piece of the 906, and my dear friends, with me wherever I go.

Kristen - Beth Millner AmbassadorBlueberry season in the UP

The world may have had other plans for my traveling this year, but the good news is that the outdoors is never closed! I’ve visited dozens of countries, but none of them have ever tugged me back like the place where I grew up. I plan on spending as much time as possible this summer kayaking that lake, hiking that path, foraging in the woods, taking oodles of photographs, and breathing in all that wonderful fresh air! 

Kristen - Beth Millner AmbassadorKristen - Beth Millner Jewelry Abmassador

May you all be connected this summer by the people, things, and experiences you love. 

Kristen - Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador

Be happy, be well.