Our Story - Beth Millner Jewelry

Our Story


Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted in the studio above the shop by Beth and her small team of assistants.  Designs start out as a drawing, which is scanned into the computer and printed on paper as a design template. The template is glued directly to the metal and used as a guide to precisely saw the figurative elements.  A variety of hand-tools are used during fabrication including jewelers saws, files, hammers, handmade stamps, and rotary tools. 

The studio also includes a small casting area where some components of the jewelry are cast from recycled sterling silver in the lost wax cast method.  After the pieces are cast, they are hand finished in the studio by Beth and her assistants.  The intention of the design typically dictates whether the piece is cast or hand fabricated but most pieces are a combination of both production methods.


Beth Millner Jewelry is designed for the active, modern woman with simplicity and ease of wearing in mind. We make unique pieces that can be worn every day, in casual or formal settings. Our strong nature themes offer a timeless connection to a more natural lifestyle.

Beth's tree designs often depict a relationship between trees that relate to each like people. A tree couple's love is strong and steadfast, with deep roots and high reaching branches and a family tree is united and rooted as one, even as its branches grow in different directions and reach new heights.  


Beth draws inspiration for each design from the beautiful natural landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Lake Superior. Our original line of U.P. and Lake Superior silhouette jewelry is a popular way to show pride in our area.  

Some of Beth's favorite local places have been direct inspirations in many mixed metal and silver pieces including Little Presque Isle, Wetmore Landing, Picnic Rocks, Presque Isle Park, the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, and many others!


Beth has been in several art shows across the country, including: Art on the Rocks; Marquette, MI - Art in the Park; Iron Mountain, MI - Art for All; Menominee, MI - Eagle Harbor Art Fair; Eagle Harbor, MI - Copper Harbor Art in the Park; Copper Harbor, MI - Harvest Gathering; Lake City, MI - Poor Artist Sale; Calumet, MI - Bonifas Holiday Art Show; Escanaba, MI - Michigan State University Arts & Crafts Show; East Lansing; MI - Houghton Spring Arts and Music Festival; Houghton, MI - Marquette Arts and Culture Center Holiday Art Show; Marquette, MI - Cape Coral Festival of Arts; Cape Coral, FL - Bluegrass on the Beach; Lake Havasu, AZ - Circle of Art; Borrego Springs, CA - Encinitas Street Fair; Encinitas, CA - Venice-Nokomis Rotary Art Fair; Venice, FL - Hiawatha; Marquette, MI - Wheatland; Remus, MI - Blissfest; Harbor Springs, MI - Dunegrass; Empire, MI - Farmfest; Johannesburg, MI




Each piece of Beth Millner jewelry is carefully handcrafted in the studio above our storefront in Marquette, Michigan with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each handmade item is made from recycled metal, and most of our copper is locally sourced from the former White Pine Mine in Ontonagon, Michigan.


 Handmade Quality

Our mission is to provide artisan jewelry that is fabricated in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We carry certified recycled diamonds as well as raw and industrial-grade diamonds for ethical engagement rings. We emphasize eco-friendly business practices by packaging orders in recycled jewelry boxes and bags with reused padding during shipping. Our office supplies are reused and from recycled sources, we use green cleaning products, and our jewelry studio avoids harsh chemicals at every step of the production process.


Inspired by Nature

Our passion is crafting quality, wearable art inspired by the natural landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Lake Superior. Beth draws inspiration from her adventures in the Northwoods including fishing, hiking, and biking. Her signature designs include shorelines, landscapes, wildlife, and pebble and wood grain textures.


Invested in our Community

We have a strong commitment to giving back to our local community and collaborate with various charities and organizations each year. A portion of the proceeds from the jewelry in the fundraiser jewelry program is donated back to our partner organizations. We also set aside jewelry to be donated each quarter to local fundraisers, events, and silent auctions.