Moosewood Nature Center Fundraiser Pendant

Moosewood Nature Center Fundraiser Pendant

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Moosewood Nature Center to bring you our Monarch Migration Pendant!

Each year, thousands of monarchs migrate from Michigan to spend winters in Mexico. In addition to being a beautiful, natural wonder, monarchs and other pollinators are responsible for 1/3 of our global food supply. Without them, we wouldn't have foods like blueberries, cherries, pumpkins, or avocados.

Because the monarch population has been declining, Moosewood has been raising funds for a program to raise monarchs and release them into the wild. In addition to this, they are also fundraising to rehabilitate an old community pool into a nature pond. 

They frequently host speakers from both inside and outside of the community to give lectures and workshops about different aspects of the natural world. Bog Walks are a regular event, including the Haunted Bog Walk, which is coming up on October 26, and is a great way to prepare for Halloween. This year, they hosted The Gathering in the North, which was a music and art festival devoted to bringing the community closer to nature. 

Our community is lucky to have an organization that focuses on bringing awareness to the incredible ecosystems around us, and encourages conserving our most priceless natural resource. 

As always, $50 from the sale of our fundraiser pendant will go back to the organization, so grab yours now. 


monarch migration fundraiser pendant by beth millner jewelry