My Dog, Chester by Kate Montgomery

My Dog, Chester by Kate Montgomery

I’ve had the name Chester picked out for my first dog since I graduated high school. I always knew he would be a golden retriever because I had several growing up, and I love the breed. Although I had the freedom to do what I wanted as an 18-year-old, I knew I had to wait until I was ready, to get Chester. I needed the right amount of free time, and the right amount of funds.

I met my boyfriend, a Yooper, in December of 2016. Our friendship flourished for a little under a year, and then he brought me to Marquette to meet his family and friends. Being from the Grand Rapids area, the U.P. was instantly such a different atmosphere, but I loved it. His family and friends were so welcoming, and the scenery in Marquette is unmatched.

Fast forward a year and a half and his mom texts that a friend of hers is going to have a litter. Her first litter, and her last! It was the perfect opportunity—I would get him in the summer, while I was only working a few hours a week at my current job, and when I get back to school, I would only be taking a couple classes before graduation. It was perfect. I found out in March that I would be getting Chester, who was born on May 11th. I spent those months non-stop planning and preparing to make sure I would have everything I could need for him.

Litter of Puppies with Mom photo by Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kate

I got to pick Chester out when he was six weeks old, and the 5 hour drive was full of anticipation. I had no idea how I would choose just one out of a litter of 7 adorable puppies! The time went by so slow on that drive. When it was finally time to meet the litter, they were all asleep in the yard, snuggling in the cutest little puppy pile I had ever seen. Then there were some little piggy grunts coming towards me, and one of the pups came to say hello! He was the sweetest boy, staying by my side, loving to be held and putting his head on my shoulder. It was easier than I thought. I didn’t really have to choose—he chose me!

In mid-July, it was finally time to pick him up, and I have no idea how I survived that long of a wait! I brought him home, and my entire family fell in love with him too.

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kate holding Chester as a puppy

He’s almost six months old now, and he is the best part of my life. Every time I walk in the door, I’m attacked with kisses and affection. I couldn’t ever imagine being without him now.

When I received the Beth Millner Ambassadorship, I was immediately drawn to my Fox on a Starry Night Ring because it reminds me so much of Chester. So, in my mind it’s not a fox at all—it’s just Chester! I never want to take it off because it holds such a special place in my heart, just like my fur baby! And 20 years from now, I’ll be able to look down at this ring on my finger, and I will be able to see Chester still with me.

Beth Millner Jewelry Fox on a Starry Night Ring on hands holding a mug