Pairing Down Our Etsy Shop For The New Year

Pairing Down Our Etsy Shop For The New Year

After much thought and data tracking we’ve decided to limit our selection on Etsy to wedding rings, chains and some of our cast silver pieces. 

Our growth and concentration has really been put into our e-commerce website: and it’s time to pair back our labor on Etsy.

Our talented team is concentrating efforts here on our website. We hope you notice the extra time being spent to make shopping online with us a simple and beautiful process. 

You can find a full selection of every item we create here on our website. Every piece that is on the shelves of our storefront downtown Marquette is on our site.

Etsy has been good to us, especially in our early years so thank you Etsy and all our lovely customers who have found us through our Etsy Shop! 

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping with us. Follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram updated daily and stay tuned here on the blog for updates on new lines and shop news.