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Don't Miss Our Spring Sale This Week! April 16 2017, 0 Comments

Don't miss out on our Spring Sale!!

20% off Online and In-Store. All of our prices are already slashed for your convenience: no coupon codes necessary!

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Don't be the forgetful one, May 14th is Mother's day!

We have so many beautiful pieces to choose from. Stop in the store and let our wonderful staff help you pick out something special for your Ma. You know she deserves the best.

Spoil her with one of our new gemstone pieces. We're obsessed with these one-of-a-kind copper banded agate rings!

Spring is in the air. 

Celebrate the return of warm weather with a flower that will stay with you year round!

Wear all your favorite signs of spring by treating yourself to a piece inspired by our natural world!

The Sandhill Cranes are headed north, the fish are swimming their way upstream, and the nights are finally warming up enough for a campfire under the stars

Also on sale in store are the beautiful, handcrafted wooden boxes created by the talented Jess of all Trades! Jess is a local, self taught carpenter whose wooden jewelry boxes are the perfect complement to any Beth Millner Jewelry piece.  Be sure to jump on this rare chance to get 20% off these unique and functional art pieces.

handcrafted wooden box beth millner jewelry


 Stop by the store this week! We're open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and on Saturday 11am-5pm. 

Not local or simply enjoy shopping from the comfort of your couch? Our sale is active online 24/7 Monday through Sunday.

Sale ends at midnight on April 23rd. 

Spring Sale Starts on Monday! April 14 2017, 0 Comments

Don't miss out on our Spring Sale next week!! Monday-Sunday!

20% off Online and In-Store. All of our prices will already be slashed for your convenience: no coupon codes necessary!

Shop online and receive FREE SHIPPING

Also on sale in store will be the beautiful, handcrafted wooden boxes created by the talented Jess of all Trades! Jess is a local, self taught carpenter whose wooden jewelry boxes are the perfect complement to any Beth Millner Jewelry piece.  Be sure to jump on this rare chance to get 20% off these unique and functional art pieces.

handcrafted wooden box beth millner jewelry


 Stop by the store next week! We're open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and on Saturday 11am-5pm. 

Not local or simply enjoy shopping from the comfort of your couch? Our sale is active online 24/7 Monday through Sunday.

Sale ends at midnight on Sunday, April 23rd. 

Behind the Design: Chocolay River April 10 2017, 0 Comments

The Chocolay River is featured in several pieces in the River Series. 

Sunset in the Chocolay is the largest pendant:
It also comes in locket form!
The Mini Chocolay River Pendant is slightly smaller:
And is complimented by the Mini Chocolay Earrings:
The Chocolay Bayou is also featured in earring form:
And in an elongated pendant:


The Chocolay River is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Mink, muskrat, black bear, deer, herons and eagles all call this river their home. Several species of fish swim upstream to spawn as well. If you watch closely after a rain or on a full moon, you might see steelhead cresting the surface on their way upstream. 

Photo by the UP Land Conservancy

Explore this area via paddling or hiking the trails near the bayou. Water access includes a boat launch off of M28 and the Chocolay Township Marina (located in downtown Harvey)

Happy Earth Day from all of us here at Beth Millner Jewelry!


Behind the Design: Two Hearted River April 07 2017, 0 Comments

The Two Hearted River

This river is near and dear to most Yooper's hearts. Located near Tahquamenon Falls, this river splits into two branches, hence the name "Two Hearted".
river Michigan Beth Millner Jewelry

Drawing inspiration from it's name as well as unique sandy banks, the Two Hearted River locket was born.

Two Hearted River Locket Beth Millner Jewelry mind metal silver trees

Beth designed this photo locket just in time for Valentine's Day, featuring a hemlock tree couple. Tree couples are representative of strong partnerships with deep roots, standing tall on the sandy banks of a river.

Beth Millner Jewelry Two Hearted River trees nature handcrafted mixed metal

After the locket was released, Beth simplified the design and now offers the Two Hearted River as a pendant as well. 

Fly fishing Beth Millner Jewelry

The Two Hearted River gained notoriety beyond the local fisherman after being featured in Ernest Hemingway's novel: "Big Two Hearted River". The short story follows a fly-fisherman named Nick who reflects on his life while fishing and camping along the banks of an Upper Peninsula trout stream.

Trout Beth Millner Jewelry

"He watched them holding themselves with their noses in the current, many trout in deep, fast moving water, slightly distorted as he watched far down through the glassy convex surface of the pool, its surface pushing and swelling smooth against the resistance of the log-driven piles of the bridge." - Hemingway in Big Two Hearted River 

Another Michigan crafter was inspired by the Two Hearted River: Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI. They've created the delicious Two Hearted Ale, a classic IPA "well suited for adventures everywhere".

River Beth Millner Jewelry

It is still known as a great trout stream and many people visit the Two Hearted's banks to camp, kayak, and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty. Truly one of the U.P.'s hidden gems, be sure to make a voyage to this beautiful area at least once in your life.






Michigan Made Monday: Keweenaw Coffee Works April 03 2017, 0 Comments

Happy Monday!

Today we'd like to put out a good word for our friends at Keweenaw Coffee Works. We've done many Michigan Made Monday's in the past, but today is extra special: this Michigan Made needs your help!


Keweenaw Coffee Works is expanding their production which add jobs, promotes small business success, and aids the Calumet community. Back their kickstarter to help increase output and roasting possibilities!

This micro-roastry focuses on sustainable practices in all steps of their process and is dedicated to creating some wonderfully delicious coffee! They're dedicated to supporting their local community and love their little town of Calumet. Check out their wonderful video supporting the growth of this charming community tucked away in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

So, get out and try one of their 12 deliciously different roasts! Here in Marquette you can find KCW's products just down the road from us at The Flying Moose (another wonderful small business) and other locations. Keep up to date with their progress by liking their Facebook page and following their Instagram: @keweenawcoffee

Behind the Design: Wetmore Landing March 25 2017, 0 Comments

Wetmore Landing Mixed Metal Shoreline Pendant

One of the many gorgeous Lake Superior shorelines, Wetmore Landing is a long stretch of sand surrounded by rock formations and hilly terrain perfect for hiking.

Views of notable landmarks are visible from any point along the beach. Out in Lake Superior, Little Presque Isle sits to the left and Partridge Island to the right. Sugarloaf Mtn. looms behind you and with a pair of binoculars you can see little people scurrying about the lookout.

From this site, you can hike in either direction along the North Country Trail and stumble upon some fantastic spots. To the left, up and down the pine needle covered trail brings you to Rum Runner's Cove, a great swimming hole and awesome rock formation. 

Turning right will bring you along a trail which follows the rocky shoreline and becomes increasingly rugged. The end destination is worth the hike though, Hidden Beach. This small stretch of sand is surrounded by 40-60 foot tall sandstone cliffs. Large trees have washed up into the inlet and the imposing walls make for a brilliant off-the-beaten-path spot. 

Photo by Greg Kretovic


How to get there: Drive up CR 550 towards Big Bay for approximately 5 miles. Turn right into the first DNR Little Presque Isle Recreation Area, the sign will identify it as "Wetmore Landing". A dirt parking lot is available and obvious trails lead to the beach and the North Country Trail.

*Michigan Recreation Passport Required for parking.



Jewelry Fundraiser Program - Call for Applications! March 08 2017, 0 Comments

Are you a part of a non-profit looking for a unique way to raise money and awareness while collaborating with a local business?

We are now calling for applications for our fundraiser jewelry program!  Through this program a portion of the proceeds of a custom designed, locally handmade piece will be donated to your organization.

As an integral part of our business ethos, we are dedicated to giving back to our community. With our fundraiser jewelry program we’ve successfully collaborated and donated towards art scholarships, nature centers and science camps. This year we are seeking new organizations to work with and invite local, Upper Peninsula non-profits to apply, with a special interest in those involved in the arts or environment.

Deadline to apply is April 15, 2017.

Submit your application here.

More information on our program:

  • Program launches June 1, 2017 and runs a year. You may reapply after the program ends.
  • Your organization must be headquartered in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 
  • Beth has full artistic license to design a custom piece for your organization and retains full rights to the design. Production of design is made in-house in our studio in downtown Marquette.
  • Fundraiser jewelry will be sold in our downtown retail shop and online. We will not sell at events or have booths.
  • We promote the jewelry through social media, newsletters, blog posts and in-store signage. 
  • Donation percentage is determined by Beth Millner Jewelry upon completion of the design.
  • Donations are paid out quarterly within the first two weeks of the end of the year.

Dandelion Seed Fundraiser Pendant Beth Millner Jewelry

Locket Lore March 04 2017, 0 Comments

Be sure to not miss out on Beth's latest and greatest new creation: Lockets!

Locket mixed metal Beth Millner Jewelry

After several experiments with design, Beth has created a perfect picture locket for your special someone. Secure and easy to use, each metal piece has been specially built to interlock with the other parts and keep the latch tight and your picture safe. 

Locket Beth Millner Jewelry Nature mixed metal

Throughout history, locket design has remained fairly consistent with a hinge and latch with a space inside to hold the small keepsake. In the past Beth has played with various locket designs such as a lid or sliding front (See below). Other than mild nuances in interlocking mechanisms though, the purpose of a locket has always been to hold something very small close to it's wearer.

Locket Beth Millner Jewelry Silver

The original lockets were known as amulets. These pendants were thought to act as sources of protection magic which would channel a the powers into the wearer. While it is usually just blessed or infused with the magic in some way, some amulets were created to actually contain potions, powders, or a small script. Usually leather or occasionally brass these early lockets were nothing like the delicate metal pendants we're used to today. 

In the 16th century Lockets became very popular during the Victorian Era. "Prince Albert gifted his beloved Victoria with a bracelet that had eight lockets, filled with a lock of hair from each of their eight children." During this time, lockets were used mainly as memorials of loved ones containing bits of hair, tiny paintings, or even ashes. These lockets embodied the filigree ornate style which we generally think of today.

So come in and pick out your favorite design today! Order online or let us know in the store and we can even upgrade you to have your chosen picture printed and prepped before hand!

           Two Hearted River                         Sunset on the Chocolay                    AuTrain River                              Eben Ice Caves

Locket Mixed metal nature Beth Millner Jewelry



Behind the Design: Munising Falls February 26 2017, 0 Comments

Part of the River Series, Munising Falls is featured in three pieces:


Munising Falls

Photo by: Roam Wherever.


Easily accessible by a paved trail, this spectacular waterfall has a 50 foot drop before the water cascades down the bowl to the stream below. In the winter a large ice column is formed making this sight an impressive one no matter the season. 



How to get there: Located within the city of Munising, follow H-58 east until you reach Washington Street and turn left. Follow until you reach the Munising Memorial Hospital and the falls parking area is across the street.

Other waterfalls are within walking distance if you're itching to explore. Tannery Falls and Twin Falls are both accessible from H-58 as well. In the winter, you're likely to find Ice Climbers scaling Twin Falls impressive column. For more information about Ice Climbing check out Munising's Ice Climbing Festival.

 Our very own Amelia Richards climbing the frozen Twin Falls

Copper Banded Agates and Custom Rings February 25 2017, 0 Comments

Only formed in the land locked copper veins which run throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula, copper banded agates are a very rare variety of Lake Superior agate. In the "All About Agates!" blogpost, we learned how agates form and varieties of inclusions (additional minerals trapped in the gemstone).

copper agate ring pendant Lake Superior Beth Millner Jewelry

The copper bands seen in these agates are considered inclusions within the agate. Often known as "copper replacement agates" the copper replaces the bands of other oxides within the gemstone.

Here in the shop we love to include these rare gemstones in our pendants and rings.

copper agate ring pendant Lake Superior Beth Millner Jewelry

Generally copper banded agates are light pink or greenish and are quite small. Often, they look like any other agate until they are cut in half to reveal the copper bands within. They are quite rare and little is known about the formation process of these unique little gemstones. While the research is being conducted however, we'll continue to appreciate them for their beauty and 2 in 1 pieces of our local region (native U.P. copper and a bit of Superior).

copper agate keweenaw UP Jewelry Beth Millner


Love the look of the copper banded agates? Browse through our stock of them to pick your favorite and create your very own, unique, double banded ring! Want even more options than those listed in our choose your own ring page? Swing by the store and chat with us about a custom design featuring one of our other gemstones!

U.P. Thomsonite Demystified February 15 2017, 0 Comments

Demystifying U.P. Thomsonite: what is it? where is it found? how does it differ from "true thomsonite"?
Used in Beth's new dreamscape series as well as gemstone rings, U.P. Thomsonite has brought some unique color into our store!


thomsonite lake stone Beth Millner Jewelry


"U.P. Thomsonite" is the close cousin of true thomsonite which is only found along the north shore of Lake Superior. U.P. thomsonite features very similar eye patterns and color bands to it's cousin from the north. Dark eyelets with feathery inclusions create unique patterns commonly sought out for use in jewelry.


thomsonite Lake Superior Jewelry earrings ring Beth Millner Jewelry


U.P. Thomsonite features dark green eyes and variations of pink that are often pastel colors; rarely found in true thomsonite. The pink and green colors in U.P. Thomsonite is actually internal reflections from copper inclusions (additional minerals trapped within the gemstone).



U.P. Thomsonite is formed in a similar process as agates, trapped air pockets within volcanic basalt fill with prehnite (mineral base of U.P. Thomsonite) and microscopic bits of copper. Prehnite is usually pale green in color (Left picture below), but the copper rich area of Lake Superior has created Pink Prehnite (right picture below). The color intensity in the U.P. Thomsonite is due to the grain size of the copper inclusions within the gemstone.


thomsonite prehnite beth millner jewelry


U.P. Thomsonite is difficult to remove from the Balsalt matrix without breaking the gemstone, so most of the stones are from pebbles collected along the beaches. These stones were naturally removed from the basalt by being tumbled in Lake Superior.


thomsonite lake stones Beth Millner Jewelry


Information sourced from:

Agate Lady Blog

Snob Appeal Jewelry Blog Thomsonite and Prehnite



Valentine's Day Promotion! January 27 2017, 0 Comments

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Here's all you need to know to ensure your sweetheart gets the gift she deserves (or to ensure your significant other knows what you really deserve).


The first step is to sign up for our Valentine's Day promotion! Check out the prompt on our website homepage to receive a coupon code for our special package which includes gift wrapping, a greeting card and locally crafted bean-to-bar chocolate. 

Valentines day Beth Millner Jewelry

Beth Millner Jewelry Valentine's Package


Second, be sure that your gift arrives in time! Order by February 10th to be sure that your hand-packaged gift arrives by the 14th.


Ladies, be sure to stop in the store and update your wishlist!

Lovers, when visiting the store ask for her wishlist to have a quick guide to the pieces you know she'll adore!


 Personalize any of our pieces with a custom engraving! Anything from a simple "xoxo" to "You are my sunshine". Kids names, a date, a location... The possibilities are endless!

engraving silver Beth Millner Jewelry custom

Choose "Be Mine"or "Forever Yours" for the classic approach. If you're a bit more unconventional, go international with Spanish "Te Amo" or French "Je T'aime". Regardless of the words you choose to express your love, your lady will feel lucky to have such a thoughtful addition.


Be sure to check out our highlighted pieces in the Valentine's Day section of the website. These epitomize the ideal gift for a nature loving couple.

Fly away together with the Sandhill Cranes pendant.
sandhill crane bird necklace nature Beth Millner Jewelry

These strong and beautiful birds mate for life and make long journeys together as they migrate each year. This piece is perfect for a couple who enjoys traveling, the occasional dance session, and dropping everything for a quick afternoon adventure. Check out the accompanying "Elegant Crane" earrings and small pendant as well.


Be in synchronistic balance with our Knotty Pines pendant.

pine tree valentines day nature Beth Millner Jewelry silver

These cast, recycled sterling silver pine trees feature a symmetrical design with natural flow. Optimal for couples who's love is strong and steadfast, a bright horizon radiates behind the trees. Deep roots of pines anchor them, much like the couple with strongly entwined core values. A heart is featured on the back with a smooth surface. Perfect for engraving a personalized message to make it even more special.


Spice things up with a Silver Heart Charm!

Heart silver Beth Millner Jewelry Valentines

Already found the perfect pendant, but want to show your love a little more literally? Add on a heart charm! Looking for something small to add to that necklace she always wears? These little guys are a perfect addition to anyone's pendants. The stacked look is in right now don't-cha-know?

Heart charm silver Beth Millner Jewelry

Pair it with your initial charms: great alternative to defacing trees! Check out all our other charms for even more ideas!  

Charm silver initial Beth Millner Jewelry

Also adorable all on its own, these little hearts just can't go wrong. 


Treasure your love with the NEW Two-Hearted River Locket 

river photo locket silver copper trees nature Beth Millner Jewelry

Every lady would love to have a picture of you both always near her heart. Beth has been working hard to create gorgeous yet functional new lockets. Secure and easy to replace the photo, you can't go wrong with this brand new design. You can even contact us for an upgrade and we'll take care of the photo printing and placement for you! Be on the look out for even more locally inspired designs such as the Eben Ice Cave Locket. photo locket silver copper Beth Millner Jewelry


Spoil your sweetie with a one-of-a-kind pair of Dreamland Earrings!

gold rose diamonds greenstone silver earrings Beth Millner Jewelry

Part of the new dreamscape series, these naturally luxurious beauties are finished with recycled 14k rose gold, ethically sourced diamonds, and polished Michigan Greenstones. These stunning earrings are perfect for the lady who loves to indulge in art jewelry and have a little sparkle with her natural look. The unique greenstones ensure that these are a one-of-a-kind item, so your lady will never run into someone wearing the same pair. Make this Valentine's day a special one and treat your flawless lady to a pair of functional yet fashionable earrings. Entitled "Dream Together", these are sure to be added to the favorites section of her jewelry stand.