Beth Goes Agate Hunting on Lake Superior

Beth Goes Agate Hunting on Lake Superior

Beth's passion is crafting quality, wearable art inspired by the beautiful natural landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and shores of Lake Superior.  Drawing inspiration from her adventures in the Northwoods, Beth uses regionally sourced agates to incorporate a literal piece of her beloved land into pendants and rings. Humans have always been attracted to the powerful and grounding nature of agates as the use of them in jewelry dates back to the Egyptians.

Beth Millner agate hunting on the shore of Lake Superior

The land around Lake Superior is prime agate picking territory, and Beth has been taking full advantage of the treasures to be found right here in our backyard! Last fall, Beth started cutting and polishing locally harvested stones, wearing away billions of years to reveal unfounded beauty within these coveted stones. 

Beth Millner polishing a Lake Superior Agate on a Lapidary Wheel Beth Millner Jewelry studio in Marquette, Michigan. Photo by Beth Millner Jewelry.

The story begins over a billion years ago, when the Lake Superior basin was formed by massive lava flows. When the lava cooled, air pockets formed. Over the course of hundreds of millions of years, cracks developed in the cooled lava. As quartz liquids flowed through the cracks, the air pockets became filled, and the liquid hardened slowly. One layer at a time, fortifications formed. 

During the ice ages, giant glaciers tilled up and deposited sand, dirt, and stone, bringing these treasured agates to the surface to be distributed across our landscape by waterwayslike rivers and lakes. 

Polished Lake Superior Agates by Beth Millner Jewelry

Beth has also begun creating new jewelry featuring agates that she found and cut here at our shop in Marquette, Michigan. You can watch a video of this process, as seen on the Upper Peninsula's "Discovering." Beth was featured again last year on Discovering, and you can see that video as well, here. 

Hummingbird Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

Come on by the shop! We would love to show you these new pieces, and discuss the whole process from picking up the raw stone, all the way through setting it into a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

We will still be carrying stones sourced from other areas surrounding Lake Superior, to find Beth's agates on our website make sure to check the "details" section of the listing. We will make sure to let you know! 

Geometric Marquette Lake Superior Agate pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

It took over one billion years, fire, ice, searching, grinding and polishing for your agate to finally make it to you. By owning a piece of our shared past, you will carry the energy and fortitude that an agate represents through our shared future.