Marquette Lake Superior Agate Jewelry is Here!

Marquette Lake Superior Agate Jewelry is Here!

A New Line Featuring Local Stones!

Beth spent this past winter learning to cut, shape, and polish agates in our studio, and teaching her assistant, Nina, how to do so as well. Once the weather started warming up, she was able to hit the beaches of Marquette to collect stones herself and some of these have made their way into our newest line of Lake Superior Agate pendants, cuffs, and rings! We're so excited to be able to share this with you and to be able to offer a small piece of the Queen City of the North to take home with you!

Marquette Lake Superior Agate Jewelry is Here!

Wait, aren't all your Lake Superior Agates Local?

Great question! All of our Lake Superior Agates are sourced regionally. We work with one vendor for our gemstones - a couple who live up in the Keweenaw Peninsula. For the most part, our stones are going to come from that part of the Upper Peninsula, however, they do source some stones from the greater Lake Superior region. All of the Lake Superior Agates were formed over a billion years ago in the basin that Lake Superior sits in today.

Why did Beth decide to start cutting her own stones?

The short answer is that agate hunting, cutting, and polishing is fun! The longer answer is that Beth was able to significantly grow the Beth Millner Jewelry staff in the past year. This has enabled her to spend more time in the studio creating new pieces and experimenting with new techniques. Plus, she's been able to pass on more responsibility to Nina, who is a rockstar in the studio.

Can you make jewelry with an agate that I found?

Unfortunately, Beth only works with agates that she finds. Since there is a risk to stones as you cut or set them we would hate to have a stone you found break, especially because those are often tied to sentimental memories! We suggest putting those beautiful treasures on display at home and choosing a piece from the shop. 

What about a custom Marquette Lake Superior Agate Ring?

Our custom window goes from January 1st to June 30th every year. Visit our custom inquiry page to learn more or to sign up for a reminder email when we resume accepting custom orders.