Michigan Made Monday! Featuring: Revisions Design Studio by Michele Dugree

Well, folks, it's apparently spring in the UP!

It went from -20 to 50 almost over night--and it's stayed that way! I was expecting to be wading through snow for another month, but I'll certainly take it.  I was out walking my dog in a tee shirt! And snow still up to my calves, of course.

Dog loved it, though, since warm snow is the best for snowballs. 

This is the face he makes when I say the word "snowballs"


And, hey, it's Monday again! That means it's time for 

Michigan Made Monday!


We are happy to share that Revisions Design Studio is opening a brick-and-mortar store in Downtown Marquette this week!


Michele is a native of the Upper Peninsula and a graduate of Northern Michigan University's Ceramics program in the College of Art and Design. She started working on building her business soon after graduating from NMU and her home-grown business has exploded since the official opening in 2008.

Revisions focuses on taking old ideas and revitalizing them, whether casting old glassware into new porcelain holders, bending antique spoons into jewelry, or using old farming implements to create a beautiful space with her new Urban Analog lighting line. 



Do these look familiar? One of Revisions' most well-known pieces are her porcelain eggshell candles and planters.

The Beth Millner family has a long-standing connection with Revisions--Janna worked with Michele when Revisions was just a small studio out in Gwinn, and Beth went to school with the Revisions studio technician, Melinda!


It's Janna!


Revisions has work in stores worldwide and has fulfilled wholesale orders for such major retailers as Target, her work has been featured on the Today Show, and Michele has been spotlighted by Etsy as a featured seller.  Wow! 

Despite major success, Michele is determined to keep her business local and handmade, though she has faced major pressure to outsource production overseas to increase her profit and output.  For Michele, it's about the design, it's about creation, and it's about making a difference in her community.  

Michele's production and design studio is located in the old Gossard building in Ishpeming, Michigan, about 20 minutes outside of Marquette.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Gossard building was a women's undergarment factory in the 1920's!

 (history)   (revised)

We are so excited to welcome Revisions Design to downtown Marquette.  Her new storefront is located at 219 West Washington Streer, the old Farmer Q's storefront. Stop on in next time you're downtown between 11am and 5pm and take a look!


Enjoy the Melt,