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Frequently Asked Questions
Click on a section below to see the answer to these common questions. If you do not see your question here, feel free to contact us for more information.
How long will it take my item to ship?
Please reference our shipping and turnaround time tables. All items have noted in the Details section of each listing if they are ‘in stock,’ ‘made to order,’ or ‘gold made to order.’
Do you offer free local pick up?
Yes, we offer free local pick up through our online checkout for your convenience. If you select Free Local Pick Up during checkout you will receive a phone call or email to confirm when the item is ready for pick up. If you mistakenly selected this and need your item shipped please contact us to pay for shipping.
How long will it take to get my ring?
Please reference our shipping and turnaround time tables. All rings have noted in the Details section of the listing if they are ‘in stock,’ ‘made to order,’ or ‘gold made to order.’
Can I return or exchange my item?
Please see our full return & exchange policy.
I’m allergic to nickel, can I wear your jewelry?
Sterling silver does not contain nickel. Most people who have a metal allergy are allergic to nickel. Each item has its materials noted in the online listing under Details. 
Can I return or exchange a ring for a different size?
We do not allow exchanges on any rings unless they were bought in the store, off the shelf and have not been resized, and are exchanged within 30 days. In most cases this means we cannot return or exchange any rings. Please see our full return & exchange policy.
How do I find out my ring size?
If you are unsure of your ring size, the most accurate way to be sized is at a jewelry store. We recommend being sized in the millimeter width you are interested in purchasing to get a true fit. We also have a ring sizer available for purchase. If you are purchasing a ring for someone else and do not know their size, please contact us for help in determining the size.
Can my ring be resized?
Please reference our repairs & resizing page for more information.
Can I get an item repaired?
Please reference our repairs & resizing page for more information.
I lost an earring, can I get a replacement? What if I don't see it on the website?

Please reference our repairs & resizing page for more information.

We can recreate nearly any piece that you have bought from us since we photograph all of the items we make. You can contact us for a quote and include as many details as possible about the lost piece.

Does your website list the same items available in your physical shop?
Yes, each item you find in the physical shop is also listed online.
How do I clean and care for my jewelry or artisan goods?
Please see our cleaning & care page.
How do I place a custom order?
Please refer to our custom order page for more information.
Can I use my own stones or metal in a custom ring?
Unfortunately, we are unable to use your metal in our custom designs. If you have a diamond over 4mm in diameter, please contact us to inquire if we can use your diamond in a custom ring design. We are unable to work with other stones at this time.
What metals do you work with?
Beth works in sterling silver, copper, brass, palladium white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.  For more information on each of these metals please select from the following: Sterling Silver, Copper & Brass, Mixed Metal, Golds.

We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly recycled metals in our work, including local salvaged Upper Peninsula copper.

What metals do you use in your rings?

Beth Millner Jewelry offers a wide variety of unique handmade engagement rings and wedding bands in recycled sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold and palladium white gold. Certain metals are more durable than others, with palladium white gold being the most durable metal we work with and sterling silver being the softest. Most of our sterling silver wedding bands often have a patina applied to the metal to darken and oxidize the details. Gold items cannot be darkened and will have a little less contrast than our sterling silver wedding bands. 

Copper is not recommended for wedding rings, it is a softer metal and is not the most durable for a ring. Furthermore, some variations of skin pH levels can cause an etching to the copper when the copper is paired with sterling silver. Rose gold is a great alternative to copper, our 14K Rose gold is also very close in color to copper and is much more durable.

What are my stone choices & settings?
We specialize in setting round stones in tube settings and gypsy flush settings and can also set cabochons (domed top, flat back stones). Tube and flush settings are durable and snag-free, allowing for comfortable wearing for an active lifestyle. We offer a variety of certified recycled diamonds, rustic rose cut diamonds, Michigan greenstone, Lake Superior agates, copper banded agates, and other gemstones. Please contact us for more information on our stone inventory.
Are your recycled diamonds certified?
Yes, our supplier verifies and certifies all the recycled diamonds used in our pieces.
What inspires Beth's designs?

Beth Millner Jewelry is designed for the active, modern individual with simplicity and ease of wearing in mind. We make unique pieces that can be worn everyday, in casual or formal settings. Our strong nature themes offer a timeless connection to a more natural lifestyle.

Beth's tree designs often depict a relationship between trees which relate to each like people. A tree couple's love is strong and steadfast, with deep roots and high reaching branches and a family tree is united and rooted as one, even as its branches grow in different directions and reach new heights.

Beth draws inspiration for each design from the beautiful natural landscape of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Lake Superior. Our original line of U.P. and Lake Superior silhouette jewelry is a popular way to show pride in our area. Some of Beth's favorite local places have been direct inspirations in many mixed metal and silver pieces including Little Presque Isle, Wetmore Landing, Picnic Rocks, Presque Isle Park, the Iron Ore Heritage Trail and many others!

Where is your jewelry made?
All of our jewelry is made by hand in our downtown studio in Marquette, Michigan. If you get the chance to visit the shop, you can often hear us working away upstairs!
Does Beth teach any classes?
Beth is not currently scheduled to teach any classes. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay updated on any future classes or workshops.
Can I create a wishlist?
Read our blog post about using our online Favorites feature. Plus we offer in-store wishlists for locals.
Can you donate an item to my organization or fundraiser?
Donating and giving back to our community is a huge part of our business ethos! Contact us using the form on our website and we will let you know if donating to your organization or fundraiser can fit into our donation budget.
Are you hiring?
We currently do not have any open positions at Beth Millner Jewelry. Please follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear when a position is open.