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Beth Millner Jewelry is designed for the active, modern individual with simplicity and ease of wearing in mind. We make unique pieces that can be worn every day, in casual or formal settings. Our strong nature themes offer a timeless connection to a more natural lifestyle, and our dedication to the environment, our community, and ethical practices means you can feel good about wearing our jewelry.

50 Million for our Forests - A proud small business partner of the National Forest Foundation badge

Tree Planting Partnership

Beth Millner Jewelry has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to support our natural forest and give back to the environment. With every item sold from our Artisan Goods collection, we'll donate one tree to be planted in a National Forest!

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Beth's designs are inspired by the natural environment in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The shoreline of Lake Superior is a constant source of influence, some of her favorites are the pebble beaches and the cresting waves. Her designs feature chickadees, wood peckers, waves, trees, butterflies and flowers from her local environment. She finds nature an endless source of inspiration.


Beth is often photographing scenes in her backyard, or sketching and painting them from her imagination. She loves going for camping excursions and road trips around Lake Superior to find her ideas for designs. Beth collects Lake Superior Agates on her travels that are used in some of our finished jewelry. She also has an exclusive line of artisan goods produced from her marker drawings and paintings. The artisan goods collection also features collaboratively designed belt buckles, and wallets made by local artists.


The drawings, paintings and photographs Beth creates are used to make paper templates that are glued to the metal allowing the studio to make matching earrings, pendants and repeating design elements. Beth and her team hand fabricate many of the pieces of jewelry using the jewelers saw, files, sand paper and hammers. They also use a the lost wax casting process in the studio above the storefront. This process involves mold making and working with wax and plaster. Wax models are surrounded with a plaster-like substance. The wax is melted out of the plaster, then molten silver or gold is injected where the wax once was. They also do lapidary work used to cut and polish some of the agates used in the finished jewelry.


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Beautiful artwork, killer challenging.

Up for a test of your puzzling skills (and persistence)? This will do it. The artwork is gorgeous and intriguing. The black and white lower section will drive you batty. Took awhile, but great fun. (So, what's with the snow building up on the underside of most of the branches--is that an artsy thing?)

Rose Gold and Silver Conifer Couple Ring

I cannot find adequate words to describe the beauty of this ring. The contrast between the two metals is absolutely perfect, which only enhances the beauty and simplicity of the design. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality by Beth Millner and I look forward to further jewelry purchases. I also liked that I purchased this piece on sale.

Communication with Beth via phone was very prompt and professional. I highly recommend a jewelry purchase from Beth Millner. Delivery was quick and packaging was outstanding. Thank you, Beth, for your beautiful ring creation.

Beautiful print

Print reminds me of wonderful trip to Lake Superior. Awesome power of the water is captured well in her print design.

This is a hauntingly beautiful setting and zi had to have one of these prints.. The use of light and dark, the shading and shadows alldraw me into the forest. The Turquoise color illuminating a nighttime scene like this is something I would love to see. Now I can see Beth's print every day as it hangs on my wall andlose myself . Thank you! XOXO

Love, love, love

These earrings are so beautiful. Simple, yet stunning. Getting tons of compliments.