BIG announcement coming soon! A collaboration on the horizon..

BIG announcement coming soon! A collaboration on the horizon..


Brighter Days Ahead at Beth Millner Jewelry

At the heart of an artist is the desire to share our creativity with our community. With many successful years of sharing Beth's unique creations with our fans, we look to a future of collaborating with other artists to share an exclusive line of their work. At a time when artist's shows and venues are canceled across the nation, collaborating and supporting other artists is more important than ever. 

We will be fully releasing these new items on July 24th and are really excited to show them to you! The new items are a collaboration between Beth and two local makers. They have beautifully crafted select exclusive items for Beth Millner Jewelry! We are proud to offer these new creations and hope you are as excited as we are!

Coming soon to Beth Millner Jewelry

Who are these artists? We're not saying quite yet but our collaboration is based on our mutual desire for high quality, finely crafted artisanal goods. Timeless designs captured in ethical materials and delivered with our exceptional customer service. We are so thrilled that they were willing to use Beth's designs as inspiration for these new items and their creations will feature motifs from Beth's designs!

Coming soon at Beth Millner Jewelry

Intrigued? We'll be giving a few hints over the next several weeks as we get ready to share our newest and most exciting announcement. Stay tuned for the final reveal at the end of July during our annual Customer Appreciation event!