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Fresh Coast Film Festival

Superior Watershed Partnership pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry

Our experiences at the 2016 Fresh Coast Film Festival were nothing short of magical. As one of our staff members, Ash, so aptly put it, “It changed my life for real…my heart still swells when I think about it.” We were blown away by the beautiful stories and massive amount of pride our community has for this incredible place we call home. It was impossible to make it through an evening without laughing, crying and learning something new about our Great Lakes region.

Needless to say, we are pumped for this year’s festival! While it’s hard to imagine that anything could top the 2016 event, the amount of unbelievable talent dedicated to the FCFF makes us believe anything is possible. After all, they will be showing over one hundred new documentaries over the course of four days! These stories of adventure and conservation were so inspiring to us last year; we are so excited to see what awesome new films await us!


Noquemanon Trail Network square mixed metal pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


The Upper Peninsula has always provided a tremendous amount of inspiration for our work throughout the years. Whether it be the Forestville Basin, Chocolay River, Heritage Trail or shores of Lake Superior, our surroundings constantly breathe life into our jewelry designs. This past year, we were proud to team up with the Noquemanon Trail Network, Superior Watershed Partnership, and MooseWood Nature Center to design pieces that benefited these non-profits by donating a percentage of the jewelry proceeds to the applicable non-profit.


Noquemanon Trail Network square mixed metal pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


We've recently partnered with the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy to produce one of our newest fundraiser pieces, set to be released next week! These organizations and the FCFF play an integral part in bringing awareness to the natural environment we hold so dear.


Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy Planting the Future Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


Events like the Fresh Coast Film Festival serve as a beautiful reminder of the strength in our community and the continued need to protect our natural spaces. The work they do is immeasurably important and we look forward to attending this incredible event on an annual basis!

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