Gifts that Give Back

Beth Millner Jewelry has donated over $52,000 to local non-profits and planted over 1,000 trees with the National Forest Foundation
It has always been Beth Millner Jewelry's mission to be eco-friendly, sustainable, and also give back to the community. That's why we've partnered with local non-profit organizations, and the National Forest Foundation!
Artisan Goods from Beth Millner Jewelry

Artisan Goods

With every purchase of our Artisan Goods, a tree will be planted in a national forest! But what are Artisan Goods? They are a line of products you can find in our store and online which include puzzles, greeting cards, artist prints, sketchbooks, belts, belt buckles, and wallets.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Beth spent her time at home making art. She transformed these paintings and drawings into products for the shop and that's how the Artisan Goods were born! She also collaborated with local leather worker Bella Wedig of Force of Habit on genuine leather wallets, and with blacksmith Gordon Gearhart on handmade belt buckles.

All of the paper products are printed on tree-free hemp paper and the artist prints are packaged in compostable, plant-based plastic.
If you're interested in planting trees, whether you're an individual or another small business, check out the National Forest Foundation's website to learn more about their Tree Planting Campaign!
Beth presenting a donation check to the UP Land Conservancy 

Fundraiser Program

Additionally, we've created a fundraiser program as a way to give back to non-profit organizations within the Upper Peninsula. Every year we invite organizations to apply to this program, and pick 2-4 to work with. We design an exclusive pendant for each organization which we sell in-store and online for a whole year! With every purchase of one of these pendants, a portion goes back to the non-profit. It's a fun and unique way for those who are doing good in our community to raise funds. For 2023, we've teamed up with the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve and the UP Land Conservancy.
Fundraiser Pendants from Beth Millner Jewelry

We're also dedicated to giving back to UP Rainbow Pride, an organization which works to support and empower the Upper Peninsula's LGBTQ+ community. We carry a Trans Pride Ring, a Rainbow Pride Ring, and Rainbow Forest Artist Prints as a way to give back to this non-profit.
Rainbow and Trans Pride Rings from Beth Millner Jewelry


Thanks to our amazing customers we have been able to donate over $52,000 to local non-profits and plant over 1,000 trees!
Beth Millner Jewelry has donated over $52,000 to non-profits and planted over 1,000 trees with the National Forest Foundation