Meet Our Brand Ambassador Tiffany! - Beth Millner Jewelry

Meet Our Brand Ambassador Tiffany!

June 09, 2019

Tiffany Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassador

We are excited to announce Tiffany as one of our new Summer 2019 Brand Ambassadors.

"Originally from the Chicagoland area, I now live in Marquette with my husband, Tyler, and my adorable dog, Indy. I am an artist, coffee enthusiast, entrepreneur and encourage the average dad joke. I express my artistic vision through a wedding & elopement photography business based here in the Upper Peninsula.

Tiffany Beth Millner Jewelry Band Ambassador

My story is a non-traditional one—I did everything out of order. I graduated high school, started my studies in graphic design, worked full time in my field, got married, got a dog, and then went back to college at Northern Michigan University, of which I am currently a student in the School of Art & Design. It is definitely interesting being a college student in my late 20s but I’m loving my experience!

As a creative, I enjoy engaging in Marquette’s art scene and photographing the beauty of the area—specifically the people of the Upper Peninsula. I am currently working on a special project to capture Yooper portraits throughout this summer. As an adventurer, I enjoy hiking in the area and swimming in Lake Superior.

Tiffany Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassador

I am a strong advocate for people who are doing something right when it comes to taking care of our planet, which is why I resonate with the Beth Millner brand so well. I prefer to support a local business who puts forth an effort to be environmentally conscious.

One of my favorite pieces from Beth Millner Jewelry is the Summer Twig Ring. I love this piece for its simplicity, delicate texture and that leaf as a subject. I also love anything copper, which coincidently was included in my wedding theme and I just have held onto that love. My Copper Dot Earrings from BMJ are an everyday piece that reminds me of those intimate copper touches of my wedding. I love that about jewelry—it can hold a memory, a story, which can be experienced again when the piece is worn."

Follow Tiffany's ambassadorship and her breathtaking photography:

Instagram: @endlesslphotography

Facebook: Endless Light Photography


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