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Photographing Your Jewelry by Tiffany Nutt

September 01, 2019

Beth Millner Brand Ambassador Tiffany

Are you proud to show off that new piece of jewelry? As a wedding photographer, I know in the wedding world the ring is the thing that is definitely in all the proposal posts. We all know that some images on Instagram can be static or posed but I’m going to tell you three ways you can up your game and take authentic, aesthetically pleasing photos of your jewelry for your Insta feed. 

1. Have a clear idea of your end goal

It’s true—some shots turn out amazing and require no planning. However, 9 times out of 10 a successful images takes a little consideration. A few things I consider are lighting, composition, and location. I am an avid natural light photographer—which means I’m using the light that is available to me first (as opposed to using an off-camera flash first). Next, I look to bring awareness to my subject with the composition (mostly, by using the rule of thirds). My location is possibly the thing that takes the most planning as I may have to travel to my desired location. The location of the piece in the images is also important—consider removing distractions from the setting (especially in the background if you can help it). Next, ask, “How do I connect the jewelry I’m wearing to the location I’m in?” Once I have an answer for that, I’m good to go. 

  1. Try different angles 

Now that I have my plan, I look for ways to add to it by shooting my jewelry in different ways. This could be showing the piece alone contrasted with a picture of the piece being worn. Another way to do this would be to take pictures of the same setting at different angles, also considering the depth of field and how far away you are from your subject. If you do this you will definitely come away with a set of more dynamic pictures.

  1. Have fun with it!

If you remember anything, it’s this. Have fun with it! No matter what I am photographing, I somehow always come away with my best images when I make sure to have fun. Whether that means laughing with my model, hiking to my favorite location or waiting for that perfect sunset along Lake Superior, it’s always best when fun is involved.

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