Staff Picks for Summer

Staff Picks for Summer
Beth Millner of Beth Millner Jewelry

Beth's Picks:

Loon Lake Pendant and Little Long Pebble Landscape Earrings

"The Loon Lake pendant make me think of Silver Lake in Ishpeming, where I go every 4th of July, and there is an island in the middle of the lake where Loons nest. My pick for earrings are the Little Long Pebble Landscape Earrings because I love to pick up rocks along the shoreline of Lake Superior during the hot summer months.


Nina Lehto-Clark, Studio Manager at Beth Millner Jewelry

Nina's Picks:

Hooked on Fishing Earrings and Hummingbird Garden Pendant

sterling silver Hooked on Fishing Earrings handmade by Beth Millner JewelryHummingbird Garden Pendant handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

"My first pick is the hooked on fishing earrings because summer is the perfect time take your fishing pole and go relax on a lake or river; I like how they look freshly caught. My second pick is the hummingbird garden pendant because it reminds me of the fresh garden blooms and hummingbird feeders that are always on peoples front porches and yards."


Lex, Assistant Manager at Beth Millner Jewelry

Lex's Picks:

Black Rocks Ring and Maple Seed Earrings

"Black Rocks is an amazing summer spot (whether you're jumping off the cliff or not) and the waves all the way around are a reminder of Lake Superior's cool waters.

"This far north, when the trees finally seed you know it's actually summer. The maple seeds, or helicopter seeds as I called them as a child, are an ubiquitous sign of long summer days ahead."


Jane, Assistant Manager at Beth Millner Jewelry

Jane's Picks:

Entwined Agate Ring and Pebble Drop Post Earrings

"I love the Entwined Agate Twig Ring because it looks like something that would be in a book of fairytales, and I just bought one for myself. My other pick is the Pebble Drop Post Earrings because I think that they're really simple, but also whimsical."


Alexa, Marketing Assistant at Beth Millner Jewelry

Alexa's Picks:

Mini Cresting Wave and Sunset on Twelve Mile Beach Pendants

"I really love the water and living right next to a big freshwater lake. These pieces remind me of the beach and the ever-changing waves in which I find peace and comfort. I like the Mini Cresting wave pendant because it's cute and small and easy to wear with anything. The Sunset on 12 Mile Beach is definitely a larger statement piece that I would wear on special occasions. With all the textures and mixed metals, it adds a lot of style and personality to a simple outfit!"


Alex, Customer Service Assistant at Beth Millner Jewelry

Alex's Picks:

Sunset on Pictured Rocks Pendant and Spring Tulip Bouquet Earrings

"My summer picks are the Sunset on Pictured Rocks pendant and the Spring Tulip Bouquet earrings. Pictured rocks is beautiful in the spring and summer months, and this piece really captures the feeling of summer evenings by the water. The Tulip Earrings are a classic springtime piece and reminds me of picking out flowers with my mom each season."


Robin, Customer Service Assistant at Beth Millner Jewelry

Robin's Picks:

Lake Superior Agate Cuff, Crescent Moon Post Earrings, and Conifer Couple Wallet

"This bracelet does a great job of showing off the beauty of our Lake Superior agates. I love the way the textured metal contrasts with the smooth polished stone. I was drawn immediately to the Crescent Moon Post Earrings because they remind me of a summer camp I went to as a child where all the first year campers received crescent moon necklaces at a special campfire. I've also been eyeing the Conifer Couple wallet since father's day is right around the corner! I like that the conifer design adds a little personality without being too over-the-top, perfect for my dad!"