Staff Picks - Reba

Staff Picks - Reba

Life is filled with little wonders, unexpected opportunities, and at times some fairly difficult decisions.  A combination of all three danced through my already indecisive mind as I tried to narrow down a list of my favorite pieces that have been born here at Beth Millner Jewelry.  With a heart that is undeniably tied to the natural world I find myself instantly falling in love with every detailed stone, twig, tree, and riverbed I lay my eyes on around the shop.  That being said, it had to be done.  Choices were made, and my hopelessly romantic soul found its perfect mates.

Wildwood Wonderland Pendant beth millner jewelry handmade jewelry lake superior copper banded agate recycled sterling silver necklace nature inspired boho fashion  

First things first, there is no exaggeration involved when I tell you I'm convinced that the Wildwood Wonderland pendant is the physical form of my heart's song.  It is the first copper-banded agate I laid eyes on, and now I can't help but show it off to anyone who enters it's vicinity.  Though I'm sure it comes to no surprise, I'm a very dreamy individual, and anything that calls to the mystical side of nature will quickly have me wrapped around it's finger.  I can't get enough of the sweet milky color, the crown of trees resting atop the stone - and those peachy swirls of copper that catch the light just right to remind me that it truly is the simple moments that make life beautiful.

Textured Copper Drop Earrings beth millner jewelry handmade jewelry ethical fashion boho style recycled metalsTextured Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings beth millner jewelry handmade jewelry recycled metal boho fashion michigan made

As an active seeker of all things dainty and delightful, it's not hard to see why jewelry is something I get excited about.  I'm a very visually-oriented person, and my wardrobe consists of a wide variety of styles to satisfy my thirst for expression - which doesn't always make it easy to choose an everyday accessory.  My solution?  Keep it classic.  The Textured Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings  and the Textured Copper Drop Earrings - both may be simple, but they're far from plain.  I love each for their unique yet minimalistic style that works with anything I'm feeling for the day - be it vintage, boho, grunge, or something entirely new.  

Black Rocks Crow Pendant Beth Millner Jewelry handmade jewelry recycled sterling silver boho style ethical fashion bird necklace nature inspired style

Last but not least, my favorite piece in the entire shop, and one I'd wear right to my grave.  Okay, that was a slightly morbid statement, but I think it's only fitting for the Black Rocks Crow Pendant.  Some see crows and their larger cousins, the raven, as an omen of something dark on the horizon.  As a child, I saw how misunderstood these incredibly intelligent animals are, and they quickly became one of my favorite creatures.  Throughout my life, they've become a guide and symbol of wisdom, resilience, and positive growth through through the darkness. The radial detailing behind the crow on this pendant feels to me like a promise of hope, and the rocks below it a reminder that I am safe and grounded no matter how high I may fly.

Beth Millner Jewelry handmade jewelry recycled metals sterling silver copper earring lake superior agate pendant nature inspired boho fashion