The Strength of Water through Change by Jewelry Ambassador Grace

Grace, Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador

The last few months have been quite challenging for many around the world as COVID continues to spread.  I remind myself daily how fortunate my family and I are to live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and Northern Michigan.  We have this amazing opportunity to connect with nature and be out in the woods where on a good day you may pass 1-2 people along the way. Searching, discovering, and connecting with our loved ones without all the major distractions of life's busy nature.
The last few months have been a blessing in disguise for many people as they have taken that opportunity to connect with nature and spend time in our great outdoors. My family and I have been spending a ton of time hiking, kayaking, and in the water.
 Grace in Mini Cresting Wave Earrings and Blossoming Romance Twig Ring
Grace kayaking at Pictured Rocks wearing Mini Cresting Wave Earrings
Lately, I have had a huge connection with the water pieces in Beth Millner Jewelry's water collection.  The water is very representative of what we have all had to endure in the last few months.  Water's ever-changing properties and strength can really make you feel connected to these pieces.  When I have my Superior Gales earrings and pendant on or my Mini Cresting Waves Earrings I feel that connection to the water and the strength even more.  Life is about change and enduring that change and these pieces can really help you feel connected and strong. Where do your Mini Cresting Waves take you?
Mini Cresting Wave earrings at Pictured Rocks by Grace
Grace kayaking at Pictured Rocks

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