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Box Chain - Darkened Sterling Silver Assorted Lengths

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Chain Length reference photo by beth millner jewelry

What type of chains do you offer?

We sell a variety of manufactured sterling silver chains.  Some of our sterling silver chains are intentionally darkened to match the jewelry that has a patina.  Darkened silver chains compliment Copper Pendants, rather than the stark contrast of brightened sterling silver


We think the Sterling Silver Box Chain is a great complement to the Beth Millner designs.  The 18-inch chain is the most common length purchased.  If the pendant has a patina, our Darkened Silver Box Chain looks great.  

Our Adjustable Loopy Chain (also available in a Darkened Adjustable Loopy Chain) looks best with larger pendants, recommended for pendants at least 1 inch tall.  The Loopy Chain does not work well with pendants smaller than 7/8 inch.

For a smaller pendant, we recommend the Tiny Loopy Chain (also available in a Darkened Tiny Loopy Chain) or a Sterling Silver Box Chain.  

For a copper pendant or a pendant with a patina, we recommend one of our Darkened Silver Chains.  

Which one is best?

Please feel free to contact us for suggestions on the best chain option for your pendant.  

This darkened sterling silver box chain is a durable chain with a slightly modern feel. Pairs great with darkened silver or darkened copper pendants or pieces with linear silhouettes. 

Available in these lengths:

  • 16" (40.6cm)
  • 18" (45.7cm)  *best selling length*
  • 20" (50.8cm)
  • 22" (55.9cm)
  • 24" (60.9cm)

This listing is for one chain only.  

The second image is included for reference to show approximate lengths of bright box chain on model.  Chain length may appear different depending on the height and weight of the individual. 

The last image is included for reference to show the darkened box chain with a pendant. 

Customer Reviews

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Darkened Sterling Silver 18 in. Chain

I love my chain! My first one was broken accidentally and I was crushed .I knew I had to call you up as quickly as possible to get a replacement and I thank you again for taking care of me.I just love the darkened metal! I hope to purchase another piece of jewelry in the near future. Love you all!



perfect gift

My 85 year old friend was speechless with the beauty of the Little Presque piece I bought for her. It was the perfect gift for someone who can see Little Presque from her summer home. Unique, beautiful and meaningful.


Always 5 star