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Traditional Anniversary Gifts

September 29, 2019

Recycled sterling silver wedding ring, local design featuring blackrocks by beth millner jewelry

We've all heard of the traditional anniversary gifts, but we have to admit that the list hasn't kept up with the times! Here are some updated twists on the classic presents. As always, we're keeping it nature inspired and eco-friendly!

1st Year - Paper 

Wrapping and paper materials by Beth Millner Jewelry

Every BMJ piece comes with complimentary gift wrapping in our signature paper bag! We go ahead and include a polishing pad, remove the prices, and make it pretty with tissue paper so you can skip the gift wrap struggle. 

4th Year - Flowers




Flowers are beautiful, but they fade quickly. Our Spring Daffodil Pendant will last a lifetime, and remind your love of your early years each time they pull it out of the jewelry box. 

5th Year - Wood

Selection of Twig Rings with rustic and classic diamonds and sapphires by Beth Millner Jewelry


Our Twig Rings are designed to look like beautiful branches. They're wood that  will last a lifetime! Check out all of our designs made with recycled sterling silver, and rose, yellow, and palladium white gold.


7th Year - Copper

Copper Agate Autumn Twig Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry


We offer a variety of copper pieces at a variety of price points. Most of our pieces are made with Upper Peninsula Copper from the old White Pine Mine near Ontonogan, Michigan. These pieces can be a particularly special gift if you live in the UP of Michigan, or if you are from or met here. Another option is our Copper Agate Autumn Twig Ring. The copper replacement agate was found in the Keweenaw Peninsula, the only place in the world it can be found. 


19th Year - Bronze

Reversible, mixed metal Celestial Lovers Pendant featuring sun and moon by Beth Millner Jewelry

We used recycled bronze in several of our mixed metal designs. Our Celestial Lovers Pendant is a particularly sweet one for an anniversary. We also have local landscape pieces that feature the metal, so if you have a special place that you'd like to commemorate, you should check out our collection! 

25th Year - Silver


New Beginnings on the Shoreline pendants made with recycled sterling silver by Beth Millner Jewelry

Our silver jewelry is handmade with eco-friendly, recycled sterling silver. Each design is nature inspired, and captures the sentimentality of familiar landscapes. Check out our New Beginnings on the Shoreline Pendants - they're a perfect symbol of continuously growing together.

Most pieces can be engraved for your partner with a short phrase, the date of your marriage, or your names!


35th Year - Coral


Recycled mixed metal and upper peninsula thomsonite pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry


U.P. Thomsonite has a beautiful coral color, and, as the name suggests, it is native to the Upper Peninsula. Lake superior stones develop over the course of millions of years. And just like your relationship they get more complex and beautiful with time. Check out our Thomsonite Tree Couple Canopy Pendant for a truly unique gift idea.


40th Year - Ruby

Twig ring by beth millner jewelry featuring ethical diamonds and lake superior agate

A ruby red Lake Superior Agate is a perfect way to celebrate 40 years. Agates symbolize balance - a reminder that you and your love balance one another out. Plus, they had to survived a billion years of fire, ice, and erosion to find their way to you. Check out our collection of Lake Superior Agate jewelry here, and our Marquette Agates here

45th Year - Sapphire 


Sapphire and roses twig ring made with recycled silver and rose gold by beth millner jewelry

Our signature Twig Designs are now available in Sapphire. They symbolize wisdom and faithfulness, and are a perfect way to celebrate 45 years of love and commitment. 

50th Year - Gold

Diamond and roses ring in yellow gold by beth millner jewelry

We now offer several rings in our Twig Series in yellow, rose, and palladium white Gold. We love our Diamond and Roses Twig Ring in traditional yellow gold. It's nature inspired, but with a timeless twist. 

55th Year - Emerald 

Summer Twig Ring made with recycled sterling silver and michigan greenstone by beth millner jewelry

Michigan Greenstone is an ethical, local twist on this traditional gift. Recognized for their emerald green color and turtleback pattern, Greenstones are the state stone of Michigan. We have several designs that showcase this incredible stone, but we think our Summer Greenstone Twig Ring takes the cake. 

60th Year - Diamond

Rustic rose cut diamond and rose gold twig ring by beth millner jewelry


Sixty years is an achievement! If you've made it this far, then you deserve a stone that is as rare and beautiful as the two of you! Our diamonds are recycled, which ensures that they are eco-friendly and ethical. Our Enchanted Rose Rustic Diamond Twig Ring features a rustic, rose cut stone for a nature inspired twist on the classic solitaire design. 


We hope that this list will inspire you to find the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Let us know if you think our other pieces are perfect for a year we didn't mention. 

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