Day 7 & 8 of the 100 Day Project - Thoughts on Failure

Well, I did not carve wax on day 7, but I did carve twice on the 6th and the 8th making up for it!

I have been making jewelry designs in metal for a number of years that I have confidence in executing.  I think that this wax carving endeavor will cause me to break out of the comfort of designing for success of execution and explore the failure of trying something new.  

Now, failure is not a bad thing, it really is the way to break through and figure out new things. I am sure I will have many waxes that I am not thrilled with, but that is the path to growth for me.  Trying something new, seeing what could be better about it and then figuring out how to get better.  This is the nature of being an artist, once a piece is finished and I have had some time to look at it, I can see the 'flaws' or the parts to change to make it better.  

This 100 Day project will be an opportunity for me to slow down enough to allow myself the space to explore and get lost in the process without the pressure of a very specific end result.  

Today I learned that using the right tools makes it easier on my hands.  I am starting with just hand tools until I really understand the wax.  Once I have feel comfortable with the hand tools I will move on to wax carving burs and my flex shaft.  

Thank you for your support on my wax carving journey!  Below is the wax ring I started on day 6 and now have a couple of leaves carved into the surface.  


Day 7 & 8 of the 100 Day Project - Thoughts on Failure