Meet Our Brand Ambassador Abby! - Beth Millner Jewelry

Meet Our Brand Ambassador Abby!

Abby Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassador

We are excited to announce Abby as one of our new Summer 2019 Brand Ambassadors.

"My name is Abby Jacques, and I live just outside of Jackson Hole, WY in a small town called Dubois. My boyfriend and I just bought an acre of land in the woods that we are in the process of building a cabin on. I would love to tell you that we made this decision because it was our life long dream—which it is—but as with most decisions in our life, it was completely dictated by the love for our three-year-old Alaskan Husky, Elektra. We hope to have more dogs just like her soon. 

Abby Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassador

I was first introduced to Beth’s work when I attended Northern Michigan University. I fell in love with the philosophy behind her company, and the feeling of home that she instills in each piece. As an Ecology major with an Outdoor Recreation minor, I am no stranger to the wilderness that is the Upper Peninsula. I couldn't get enough of the trees, the rivers, and of course, the lakes. Lake Superior will always have a strong hold on my heart. It was because of my experiences at NMU that I packed up my car and headed west in search of more wild places.

Since my time at NMU, I have worked as a camp chef in California, a snowmobile guide in Yellowstone, a dog musher in Alaska, and just about everything in between. The Tetons, however, were the one place I kept going back to. I am now settled in Wyoming, and own a small social media management company. I also keep busy working at a dog boarding and day care facility. I am hoping to build my own tour company once we are more established.

In my free time, I go hiking, dog mushing, fishing, snowmobiling, bird watching, snowshoeing—pretty much anything that gets me outside. I also love playing the fiddle and crafting. 

Abby Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassador

One of my favorite pieces of Beth's is her Picnic Rocks Pendant. I have been on that beach in just about every type of weather. From soaking up sun in the summer, studying on tailgates in the fall, to sipping coffee and having heart-to-hearts as the waves roared in the winter—it was my go to spot. This pendant reminds me of so many memories. The mixed metals in the pendant perfectly show the diversity of stones you can find on Lake Superior shores. Knowing that the metals are recycled and some are even harvested in Michigan make it even more special. All of her jewelry is breathtaking and for a Michigander girl, her jewelry represents home."

Follow Abby and her wild Wyoming adventures:

Instagram: @adventures_with_abbyj

Facebook: Abby Jacques

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