Brand Ambassador Nora's Engagement Story

Brand Ambassador Nora's Engagement Story

My boyfriend and I had just closed on our first house purchase and it was my birthday. The only thing I wanted to do was go to the beach and drink margaritas in my bikini, it was too hot for anything else. My boyfriend insisted we get on our bikes and peddle to our new house, about 12 miles out of town. I wasn't that stoked on this idea. Like I said, margaritas, beach, bikini…. But He seemed very excited, maybe too excited so I went along.

As we got onto the bike path we discussed all the painting and remodeling projects we wanted to accomplish and dreamed about gardening on our land. Once we made it to our house, we laid a blanket down on top of a small hill looking down at our property. He pulled out french picnic items. Olives, cheese, a baguette, and very warm red wine.

As he uncorked the wine and poured a glass for me he stopped and looked very nervous. He was sweating. Not just because it was a hot day. I could tell something was on his mind. He reached for his pocket and pulled out a little black box. I honestly cannot remember if or what he said next. I just remember blushing, putting our sweaty foreheads together, laughing then, he put the ring on my finger and we raised our warm red wine...

My boyfriend, now husband, had been working up the courage to ask me for months. Beth is a good friend of ours and she knew this secret. Each time I would see her out running errands or at dinner parties, she would look very excited to see me. Now I know why! She was waiting to see that ring on my finger.

A simple hammered recycled rose gold band I now wear on my left ring finger and rarely take off. I didn't want anything too big and flashy. I garden, canoe and bike and wanted something that I could wear doing all these activities. It's perfect, Beth worked with my husband to create the most comfortable ring to wear every day. She also took my husbands, grandfathers, white-gold ring and personalized it with the hammered texture to make our rings match. 

Brand Ambassador Nora

My dad passed away before I met my husband and my mom has since given me her yellow-gold diamond wedding ring that I wear on special occasions. Whenever I wear these two rings together I feel the strong bond of old love that my mom will always carry with her and the new love that I carry for my husband.