Copper Harbor- A Certain Kind of Magic by Erin Potter

Copper Harbor- A Certain Kind of Magic by Erin Potter

When the Brockway Mountain Pendant at Beth Millner Jewelry caught my eye, I was instantly captivated. Not only is the pendant itself stunning, but Brockway Mountain reminds me of Copper Harbor, one my favorite places in Michigan.  

Copper Harbor embodies a certain kind of magic. The town itself is charming and the outlying area boasts pebble beaches, rugged Lake Superior shorelines, world-class mountain biking, and fantastic camping with dynamic woods and wildlife.  

My personal “must dos” when going to Copper Harbor are: staying or dining at Fitzgerald’s “The Fitz” Restaurant and Hotel, stopping at The Jampot to buy some monk-made victuals, hiking to Horseshoe Harbor, and taking a trip up Brockway Mountain Drive. The 9 mile drive ends at a breathtaking vista that overlooks Lake Superior and thousands of acres of forest.  

Copper Harbor- A Certain Kind of Magic by Erin Potter


Beth’s designs perfectly capture the natural beauty the Upper Peninsula has to offer. The Brockway Mountain Pendant is no exception.  A large Michigan Greenstone rests in a copper mountain, perfectly contrasting a brass, radiant sun. It is a true statement piece and I relish the weighty feel of it on my chest.  I am delighted every time I put it on.

-Erin Potter

Summer '18 Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassador 

Erin managed to acquire the last Brockway Mountain Pendant! Checkout our other locally inspired pieces or greenstone pieces to see if another piece resonates with you! 

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