"Finding Home" by Ambassador Paige

"Finding Home" by Ambassador Paige

Do you know that feeling when you arrive somewhere and suddenly you feel light? Like the weight of the last week, or month or even year, is lifted just by arriving to a location? Could be your favorite park, a loved ones’ home, or a place that holds a special meaning to you. I’m not talking about the arriving to your vacation destination and sighing “I never want to leave” on the last day. I’m talking about the deep pull to this somewhere that you can feel in your bones and it calls out to you in your dreams.

I like think that this place is your soul’s home. And if you’re lucky, it might be right in your backyard. 

My place is fresh coast shores of Lake Superior. 

"Finding Home" by Ambassador Paige

My first trip to the North Shore. I was amazed by Tettegouche State Park. 

My lifelong obsession began with my parents taking my sister and I up to Ontonagon every summer for a beach day. We’d wake up early, fall back asleep in the car, and wake back up to a usually calm-water, bluebird day on the beach. Then we would spend all day picking rocks and playing in a small stream with natural clay that emptied into the big lake. We could hear our treasures rattling in the ice cream pails all the way home.

I followed this pull to college in Houghton and spent many days and nights with great friends on the shores, around campfires and in tents. And still, picking rocks all the while as I went.

"Finding Home" by Ambassador Paige

A Keweenaw agate

And when I moved out to the desert after college, I still felt the pull. Thousands of miles away, and I could still feel it. Though I loved the red rocks and the tall saguaros of the south west, I followed that feeling back to the north. 

Now, whenever I’m away, or get the itch to go to the edge of the water, I’m reminded of my soul’s home just by looking down at my Starry Night on Lake Superior Ring from BMJ. It keeps the quiet sound of the tide on the rocks, the smell of a crisp autumn evening bonfire on the shore and the feel of cool water touching my toes with me wherever I go. 

"Finding Home" by Ambassador Paige

A treasure my kid-self would be happy to see me wearing

Don’t know the feeling I am talking about? That means your place is still out there, waiting for you to find home. Listen to the call 😊

Until next time,


Water runs through her veins

You can see it in her eyes,

Hear it in her laugh,

And smell it on her skin.