Giving Tuesday - How Our Team Gives Back

Giving Tuesday - How Our Team Gives Back

On this international day of giving we hope to inspire you with some ideas of how we give back to our community. So often giving can be associated only with monetary donations leaving many feeling unable to help. While our business does donate monetarily to organizations that support our mission, our staff also donates their time and talents in a variety of ways that directly benefit those around us.

How Our Store Gives Back 

Fundraiser Jewelry Program

Every year we select a few non-profit organizations to create custom fundraiser pieces for. A portion of the proceeds from each piece sold goes directly to the respective organization. Through this program we have been able to donate towards art scholarships, nature centers, and science camps.

In 2017, our current fundraiser pieces benefit the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy, The Superior Arts Youth Theatre, Superior Watershed Partnership, and the Noquemanon Trail Network.

Giving Tuesday - How Our Team Gives Back

The Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy works to permanently protect the land we know and love (and which inspires so many of Beth's pieces). We created this piece titled "Planting The Future" as their fundraiser piece.

Giving Tuesday - How Our Team Gives Back

The Superior Arts Youth Theatre produces an annual series of performances by children ages 3-18 in the  central Upper Peninsula region. The piece we created for them is called, "Star of the Show".

Giving Tuesday - How Our Team Gives Back

The Superior Watershed Partnership generates a variety of conservation and public conservation projects that aim to protect and preserve our great lakes. We created the Superior Watershed Partnership Reversible pendant as a fundraiser piece for them.

Giving Tuesday - How Our Team Gives Back

Our final fundraiser piece of the fantastic four we have currently running was created for the Noquemanon Trail Network . This organization is the main trail organization in Marquette County that builds and maintains the multi-purpose trails throughout our glorious region. We Created our Noquemanon Trail Network pendant for them.


Adopt a Highway

We adopted a stretch of US Highway 41 between Marquette and Negaunee, MI. Our staff and any volunteers do regular clean-ups as a part of our eco-friendly mission.

Giving Tuesday - How Our Team Gives Back

How Our Staff Gives Back


As the creator of our fine establishment, it makes sense that Beth personally and professionally finds ways to get involved in her community. 

Beth is a member of the Northern Initiatives Board. Northern Initiatives is a Non-profit which lends to businesses who almost qualify for traditional business loans. This organization allows entrepreneurs like Beth to begin manifesting the businesses of their dreams into reality. This is great for the business owners and for the entire community as it boosts commerce and tourism! 

She also helps encourage economic growth in Marquette by serving on the board of The Marquette Chamber of Commerce


Between being our shop manager and a full-time mom to an adorable little girl, it's amazing that Janna still finds time to donate to her community!

Janna is on the Friends of the DeVos Art Museum Advisory Committee  which focuses on developing programs and activities in the Visual Arts. 

She is also on the committee for the Marquette Chamber of Commerce Be Local Buy Local program which encourages local shopping with an enticing rewards program. 

For a few years she served on the board for The Marquette Food Co-op which is a community owned grocery store with a heavy natural and organic influence. They also build relationships with local farmers and artisans to make it a truly communal marketplace. 

One more way Janna contributes to the community is by donating blood every 8 weeks through the UP Regional Blood Center. Donating blood is an often overlooked opportunity to make a difference in someone's life that requires no monetary contribution! Our local blood donation center even has a mobile blood bank to make contributing extra convenient. 


Our super talented Office Assistant serves on the board of directors for the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council. This council is most notably in charge of operating the Historic Vista Theatre in Negaunee. Check out their new website which they designed!

Other organizations they volunteer for include Marquette Gravity Sessions which puts on entry level racing events as a community hangout and the Noquemanon Trail Network which was mentioned previously as one of our featured fundraising organizations.


Our Full-time Studio Assistant Nina volunteers with her family every Thanksgiving with Little Brothers Friends of The Elderly. Year-round this organization helps to provide meals and companionship to elderly community members who are in need. Every Thanksgiving they provide a feast and even deliver to those who are immobile. 

This is a truly beautiful family tradition that maybe more of us should consider as so many are alone for the holidays. 


Our Seasonal life saver Andrea spends most of her days as the Assistant Director of the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy. We are so proud of the work she does which protects and preserves the natural beauty of the land that inspires us all.  

How You Can Give Back

All of the above organizations are local to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan region and come with outstanding recommendations from us. Many of them actively seek volunteers and if you have spare time you could be their answer!

Many of these organizations are doing their own Giving Tuesday promotions, so make sure to check them out!