Growth Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone! by Jewelry Ambassador Grace

Grace wearing Wildflower pendant

When Beth and the team created the Wildflower pieces this Spring I instantly felt a great connection to these pieces and could not turn them down!  Spring is a sign of change and growth and I feel like that these pieces give us that opportunity to embrace that change and feel confident in allowing the growth and change to occur.

Grace wearing the Wildflower Pendant

When we are within our comfort zone we do not see much change but when we expand out of our zone we see great changes.  A great example of this is the spring of 2020!  

Wildflower ring photo by Grace

This year has been one of great growth for my family on a deeper connection level, my profession as a chiropractor, and my team at the office.  I was in the thick of all the change when these pieces came out and they helped me to remember along the way that I can allow change and I can learn and grow from these experiences as the times changed.  Thank you to Beth Millner's team for the amazing pieces to hold close as we go through the next great change!  My husband always reminds me when I complain that spring is muddy and dirty that "It's the promise of the whole summer before us." These flowers remind me of that quote as new life, growth, and change come to all of us!! Be grateful for what and who is around you and allow the growth and change to occur!  

Wildflower pendant photo by Grace

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