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Jane's Staff Picks

June 30, 2019

Jane's Staff Picks

I'll start off by saying that I am obsessed with jewelry. I have a huge collection that only ever seems to grow, especially my ring collection. Needless to say, since I began working for Beth Millner Jewelry I have found many pieces that I admire, and made a point to save up and purchase the ones I love. I'm excited to take you through my favorites. 

Yooper Roots Pendant

This was the first piece that I purchased after getting hired. I've lived in the Upper Peninsula for almost two years now and I fell in love with Marquette as soon as I arrived. I was drawn to this pendant because it is made with UP copper and it felt like a way to carry a little bit of this place with me wherever I go.  


Lentil Tree Ring

The second pieces I purchased were two Winter Lentil Tree Rings. I was in a new relationship and had to spend some unexpected time back in my hometown. I got these as a way for us to feel close while we had to be apart. We both still wear them every single day! I love how comfortable the double banded design is, and the flat surface means it never catches on anything.

Lake Superior Agate Pendant

An agate came into the shop that we affectionately called our "Dr. Seuss Agate" because it was a bright peachy color with white polka dots. I fell in love with it before it was even set in a piece. When Beth turned it into a pendant, I thought about buying it every time I came into work. One day, it disappeared, and I was kicking myself for letting it go. On Christmas, I found out that my girlfriend had purchased it for me. It's an awesome piece, and taught me a valuable lesson about getting the pieces I love before someone else does! Because this piece is one of a kind, you can't find it on our website, but you can check out our other Lake Superior Agate Drop Pendants here.

Enchanted Rose Rustic Diamond Twig Ring

My most recent purchase is actually a custom ring. It's a bit more expensive than anything else that I've gotten from the shop but is the most meaningful. My mom passed away in October of last year and left me several pieces of jewelry. One of them was her original engagement setting. The ring was broken after being sawed away from the band and the diamond had been taken out, but the side stones were all intact. The design was so similar to our Enchanted Rose Rustic Diamond Twig Ring, and I asked Beth if she would be able to set the small sapphire into the design. It was an emotional day at the shop when it was finished - I love how it turned out and wear it every day.

Fox on a Starry Night Ring

The final piece in this post is the next one on my wishlist. I haven't purchased the fox ring yet, but I'm waiting for just the right opportunity. I think it could be a great graduation gift for myself when I finish grad school next year. With my other pieces, I've had specific, symbolic reasons for choosing each design. With this one, I just think it's really cute! I think that's just as good of a reason to get a new ring as any.


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