Meet Alex, Shop Assistant

Meet Alex, Shop Assistant

Alex is currently at NMU studying graphic design, and will be graduating in Spring '22! When she isn't buried in a school project you can often find her buried in a book instead. She has been in the UP for over ten years but is still amazed by the beauty of Marquette in the summertime.

Meet Alex, Shop Assistant

Alex's Top Picks for Spring '22

Meet Alex, Shop Assistant
"Beth's love for UP stones has slowly worked its way into my favorite pieces! The Moon and Stars Tree Couple Greenstone Pendant caught my eye because I've never seen Beth use a triangle shaped Greenstone before, and the design is dainty and frankly really pretty. My second favorite is one of the Lake Superior agate rings. This particular one looks like a marble and the layering within the stone always catches my eye."

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What was your first piece of Beth Millner Jewelry?
" The New Beginnings pendant was my first BMJ piece. The moment I learned the name I had to have it and it was very fitting as I had just started working at the shop!"

What is your favorite part of working at BMJ?
" Everyone here are amazing and wonderful coworkers and I couldn't ask for a better environment to work in."

What is your favorite way to enjoy nature?
"I love taking close up nature photos so a hike along my favorite trail is always enjoyable."

What do you like to do when you're feeling creative?
" Color! There are some pretty sweet adult coloring books out there and it lets me explore traditional art methods in a relaxing way."

What's your favorite thing to listen to?
" I don't have an answer for this, there are too many options! I could never choose."