Meet Jane, Photographer and Assistant Manager

Meet Jane, Photographer and Assistant Manager

Jane is a transplant from Michigan's Lower Peninsula, and has no intention of ever going back. She is excited to share her love of jewelry with customers. Other loves include old books, writing stories about aliens, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Meet Jane, Photographer and Assistant Manager
Jane photographing Nina while she works in the jewelry studio


Jane's Top Picks for Spring '22

Meet Jane, Photographer and Assistant Manager
"When I think of spring, I think of birds, and so I love our Woodpecker Birch Earrings for this time of year. Lately, I’ve been seeing so many Blue Jays in the trees around my house, and even though they’re a different type of bird, it reminds me of these earrings! I’ve also been loving our stone rings, particularly this peachy Marquette Lake Superior Agate."

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What was your first piece of Beth Millner Jewelry?
" My first piece of Beth Millner Jewelry was a Yooper Roots Pendant. It’s made with Upper Peninsula Copper, which makes it feel like a little piece of home."

What is your favorite part of working at BMJ?
" The best part about working at Beth Millner Jewelry is definitely the people who work here. It’s really fun to work with other artists who have so many shared values and interests. We always have a good time."

What is your favorite way to enjoy nature?
" I’m more of a homebody, so I usually like to enjoy nature by drinking coffee at my kitchen table while looking out the window. When it’s warmer, I like to go on hikes, and take my dog Lumi for walks."

What do you like to do when you're feeling creative?
" My creative outlets tend to change a lot. Lately, I’ve been crocheting a lot of washcloths, trying out new recipes, and doing small interior design projects."

What's your favorite thing to listen to?
" I’m in charge of photography here at BMJ, and so I have a lot of time when I’m editing to listen to Podcasts. Lately, I’ve been listening to Welcome To Our Show, which is a New Girl rewatch podcast; Remember Twilight, which is a Twilight reread podcast; and Crime Junkie, although I can only listen to that one when I don’t have to close the shop at night."