Meet Nina, Jewelry Studio Manager

Meet Nina, Jewelry Studio Manager

Nina is our full-time Studio Assistant Manager, shop singer, and dog whisperer. She studied ceramic art in college, but found a love for jewelry making under Beth's guidance. We didn’t think so many creative superpowers could be contained within one person, but alas, we were wrong! 

Meet Nina, Jewelry Studio Manager
Nina working on new jewelry in the studio


Nina's Top Picks for Spring '22

Meet Nina, Jewelry Studio Manager
"My 2 spring favorites are Datolite Honey Bee Pendant and the Wildflower Earrings because they work well as a set for a special occasion. I love the symmetry of the bee and the honeycombs in the pendant as well as the warm honey colored Datolite. The wildflowers tie everything together as the source of the "honey", perfect for welcoming spring!"

More about Nina

What was your first piece of Beth Millner Jewelry?
"My first BMJ piece was a very small copper tree pendant that my sister gave to her bridesmaids at her wedding back in 2010. The design isn't available at the shop anymore and I treasure it as a special memory of my sister and I on a special day."

What is your favorite part of working at BMJ?
"My favorite part of working at BMJ is that I can be creative and myself! I love being able to be part of the design process and to help create beautiful jewelry that is both meaningful and unique."

What is your favorite way to enjoy nature?
"I love to enjoy nature at my own pace. Spending time in the woods camping, a weekend at a cabin on a lake, or even having a slow walk on the trails, I just love to make myself at home in nature. Even just reading a book by the campfire gives me a great sense of peace."

What do you like to do when you're feeling creative?
"When the creative urge hits me, I enjoy doing fiber arts such as knitting or spinning wool into yarn on my drop spindle or spinning wheel. I am hoping to get into weaving soon."

What's your favorite thing to listen to?
"My favorite podcast is Making Gay History, where the host Eric Marcus brings "the voices of LGBTQ+ history to life through intimate conversations with champions, heroes, and witnesses to history". They are primarily interviews that he personally conducted and also has some done through other LGBTQ+ journalists/historians. The introduction music always brings a happy tear to my eye. He also has a book by the same name."