Meet Our Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Alaina!

Meet Our Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Alaina!

We are excited to announce Alaina as one of our new Fall 2019 Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassadors!

"Hi! My name is Alaina Sharp. I am a proud lifelong Michigander and currently live in Jackson, Michigan.

Ten things about me:

10). My five kids make me laugh more than I ever thought was possible. I was introduced to Beth’s work because I post more ridiculous pictures and videos than a person should on Instagram. I started following the account and I was hooked. 

BMJ Ambassador Alaina

9). I co-founded an event called nErDcampMI.  It’s a free conference for educators focused on helping our students love reading and writers.  This July, over 1800 adults and 1500 students attended. It’s all kinds of crazy and wonderful and it’s something I’m really proud to say I helped to bring into the world. 

8). Teaching today’s high school students gives me hope for our future. If you could meet the ones I get to see every day, I think you’d agree with me that we’re all going to be okay. 

7). Going for a run is the only thing in my life that never fails me. When things look bleak or overwhelming, a run always makes things better. People make mistakes and wine bottles empty, but a good run is always there for me. 

6). I love cheese. I just thought that was worth mentioning.

5). I feel like I’ll never really, truly get my $&@! together.  How am I supposed to be a good role model for teenagers and a guiding light for my five children when I can’t be reliably depended upon to shave my legs biweekly? 

BMJ Ambassador Alaina

4). If I could, I’d snowshoe through a conifer forest every day until I died.

3). There is no better jewelry than jewelry that is handmade. I’ve been a lifelong fan of art fairs and craft shows. I fell in love with Beth’s work because, on top of the expert craftsmanship, it is eco-friendly and nature-inspired. Her pieces remind me of all the things I love in nature: snow, sand, surf, sun, and sky.

(and...trees? But that doesn’t start with an s, so...)

BMJ Ambassador Alaina

2). I believe there is power in our thoughts. I battle daily to not let them get the best of me. I started meditating this year before school and, I have to admit, I sure felt goofy and uncomfortable. But it has truly been transformative in my personal and professional life.

1). My life dream is to be the oldest woman to cross the Ironman World Championship finish line in Kona. I have finished two Ironman races, and, while I was definitely not the oldest competitor, both stand out as the most incredible moments of my life. 

I am honored and humbled to have been chosen as a brand ambassador. I am so excited to be a part of this adventure!"


Alaina's Favorites


Frosted Pebble Trail Pendant by Beth Millner Jewelry  Simple Frosted Pebble Hoop Earrings by Beth Millner Jewelry  Winter Tree Lentil Ring by Beth Millner Jewelry