Meet Our Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kate!

BMJ Ambassador Kate

We are excited to announce Kate as one of our new Fall 2019 Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassadors!

"I’m Kate and I am from the Grand Rapids area—a small town called Lowell. I’m now finishing my final semester at Central Michigan University where I’m studying Fashion Design. I live here in Mount Pleasant with my boyfriendwho introduced me to Marquette and the U.P.’s beautyand my puppy, Chester.

I grew up with an intense passion for creating. I was always painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, or really doing anything I could get my hands on. I grew up in a family that enjoyed that type of thing, but no one ever pursued something creative as a career, until I came along!

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kate

I’ve discovered so many more interests during my time here at CMU. Recently, I’ve invested in a large loom where I have been weaving entire garments, and will also begin commissioning wall hangings soon, as well. I have taken up photography within the last few years as I’ve been working for CMU’s fashion publication, RAW Magazine. I also worked for the publication as a graphic designer before I was promoted to Creative Director for my final semester. When I was younger I surrounded myself with people who I was always forcing myself to have things in common with, but I’ve been able to find so many like-minded people through my journey at CMU that I’m so thankful for. Surrounding myself with other creators and designers has helped me push my ideas more than I ever anticipated.

With my interest in weaving garments in particular, I’ve began studying how this process is a minimal-waste method. It’s important to me to keep the planet as clean as possible, and fashion is one of the worst industries at doing that. So Beth Millner Jewelry resonates so well with me because of every step the brand takes to stay sustainable. To top it off, I love supporting local businesses, and Beth Millner makes it extremely easy with all of the beautiful pieces!"

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Kate


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