Meet our Summer 2021 Ambassadors

Meet our Summer 2021 Ambassadors

We wanted to introduce you to our summer 2021 ambassadors! We're excited to collaborate with these amazing individuals.

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Hannah

Hannah Shaneberger - "I am a jewelry lover, outdoors enthusiast, poetry writer, & pit bull mama to her dog Fran."

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Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Laura

Laura Hrubes - "I grew up in the Marquette area and stayed through college at NMU. While I have since moved away, it will always be home to me. These days I live in SW Wisconsin with my little family and a couple of dogs, a feral cat, and a bunch of chickens. I’m 45, and stay as active and fit as I can. I work as a baker, which I absolutely love as it makes other people really happy. I’m a huge gardener and knitter and make lots of my own clothes, and live in a very rural area in an old Amish farmstead. I used to travel a lot, but these days I spend most of my free time back in the UP, there really isn’t anywhere I would rather be."

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Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Marissa

Marissa Lindstrom - "I am a graduate of Northern Michigan University, where I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Environmental Studies and Sustainability and Spanish in December 2019. After graduation, I joined the Peace Corps and traveled to Guatemala, where I served as a rural development facilitator before the worldwide Peace Corps evacuation due to COVID-19.

After returning to the states, I began my career in outdoor education, moving to Murray, Kentucky to work as an interpretive naturalist at the Woodlands Nature Station in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. I am absolutely in love with my career, as everyday I have the opportunity to share conservation messages with the public, work with rescued native wildlife (such as birds of prey, bobcats, endangered red wolves, and venomous snakes), and encourage other to explore the outdoors and all the beauty and magic it holds. I love when I happen to be wearing jewelry that relates to what I'm interpreting in the field to nature center visitors (such as songbirds, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and butterflies)."

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Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Paige

Paige Courtney - "I was raised in Northern Wisconsin and fell in love with the UP over the course of my lifetime, and when I moved out west, I couldn't wait to get back. So I packed up my little pitbull rescue named Zia and my Subaru and made my way back home to the lakes that I swear flow through my veins. I'm a yoga devotee and hope to become a teacher one day. I can't think of a better way to spend my day then on a paddle board, with my pup and a good book on shore waiting for me. I'm an avid rock hunter and beach comber, and when it's too cold, I snowshoe, snowboard and cross country ski. I live to travel and care deeply about this earth. I rise and fall with the sun and change with the seasons."

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