Meet Paige, Summer '21 Jewelry Ambassador!

Meet Paige, Summer '21 Jewelry Ambassador!

Hello all! My name is Paige Courtney and I am thrilled to be a Beth Millner Jewelry ambassador for the next few months. My pitbull mix, Zia, and I live on the UP shore of Lake Michigan where I work as a Geological Engineer. We both enjoy the outdoors and you’ll usually find us next to the lake (Superior, Michigan or any of northern Wisconsin’s inland lakes!). I love to hike, camp, paddleboard, wakesurf, beach comb and practice yoga. And in the winters I enjoy snowshoeing, snowboarding, ice fishing, cross country and telemark skiing, and doing even more yoga.

Beth Millner Jewelry ambassador Paige with her partner and pitbull

My partner, Chayce, Zia and I exploring Rock River Falls in the UP.


I am passionate about the outdoors and learning and implementing changes that are sustainable. I also hope to become a yoga teacher one day.

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Paige doing yoga on the lakeshore

Upside down on the North Shore’s Black Beach Park.


I discovered Beth Millner Jewelry on Instagram while I was living in Marquette for a summer internship and I fell in love with her work right away. Before becoming an ambassador, I was gifted a Greenstone Summer Twig ring for graduating from the Geological Engineering program at Michigan Tech. I tell everyone it is my college “class ring” because Greenstone, or Chlorastrolite, is Michigan’s state gem and represents my love for geology.

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Paige at Sleeping Bear Dunes on the Lake Superior shore

Wearing my “class ring” on a post-graduation camping trip all the way around Lake Superior. Does this spot look familiar? (Hint: That’s a person climbing up the steep sandy slope just below my hand!)


I wanted to become an ambassador for Beth Millner Jewelry not only for the UP and Lake Superior inspired designs, but also because their business ethos resonates with me. I am proud to represent a woman-owned and crafted (2020 Michigan Woman Owned Small Business award winner!) and sustainability conscious brand and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Beth Millner Jewelry Ambassador Paige's dog Zia playing in the snow

Zia enjoying a sunset on the Little Bay De Noc hardwater.


Thanks for following along with me, see you out there 😊